Bonded Savant (Legendary Wizard Archetype)

Many a legendary wizard possesses their own unique bonded item, considering it a vital part of their magical arsenal.

And yet only bonded savants go as far as to imbue their bonded objects with its own sapience. Wielders of such bizarre magic often find themselves in strange and unique company, even among their fellows.

Arcane Union

Whenever a bonded savant selects their bonded object, that object gains a spark of intelligence.

While it is generally believed that this intelligence is spontaneously manifested, there are rumors that such mages draw the spirit of their fallen brethren, with these wayward souls finding their way into these bonded objects.

  • Intelligence: This is the intelligence score of the bonded object. It starts at 9 and increases by 1 for every two levels of the bladebound magus (at 3rd level, 5th level, and so on).
  • Wisdom and Charisma: As the bonded savant increases in level, so do the Wisdom and Charisma of the bonded object. These abilities start at 6 and increase by 1 for every two levels of magus.
  • Ego: A bonded object starts with an ego of 5, and that ego increases as the blade becomes more powerful, as per Table: Bonded Savant Bonded Object Progression below. In cases where a wielder and the bonded object come into conflict, like any intelligent item, a bonded object can attempt to exert its dominance (see Intelligent Items). Due to its flexible and powerful nature, a bonded object has a nonstandard ego progression.
  • Languages and Skills: A bonded object starts with Common as a language. As the bonded object increases in Intelligence, it manifests knowledge of languages and arcane lore. Upon reaching an Intelligence of 12, it gains a bonus language of the GM’s choice, and gains 1 rank in Knowledge (arcana). Each time the sword gains a bonus to Intelligence, it gains another language and another rank in Knowledge (arcana).
  • Senses: A bonded object is aware of everything around it like a creature that can see and hear. It can be blinded and deafened as if it were a creature. It uses the saving throws of its magus, even if the magus is not currently wielding the bonded object.

This ability alters the bonded object class feature.

Contingent Casting (Ex)

At 9th level, if the bonded specialist is unable to take a standard action (such as through being stunned, paralyzed, or other such conditions) but is still conscious, their bonded object can cast a spell on their turn as long as that spell has a casting time of 1 standard action or less.

This ability replaces the opposition breakthrough class feature.

Table 2-1: Bonded Savant Bonded Object Progression
Bonded Savant Class Level Int Wis/Cha Ego
1st-2nd 10 6 4
3rd–4th 11 7 5
5th–6th 12 8 7
7th–8th 13 9 8
9th–10th 14 10 9
11th–12th 15 11 11
13th–14th 16 12 12
15th–16th 17 13 13
17th–18th 18 14 15
19th–20th 19 15 16
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