Dread Witch (Legendary Witch Archetype)

Some witches lean deeply into the study of fear, mastering its power like a lashing weapon and infusing their own magics with its terrible majesty.


The dread witch adds the following spells to their spells known in lieu of the spells provided by their patron. If their patron reduces the spell levels or uses alchemy, only add up to the highest spell level, the legendary witch is able to cast or ignore this ability.

1st: bane, 2nd: sense fear, 3rd: vision of hell, 4th: aura of doom, 5th: feast on fear, 6th: symbol of fear, 7th: repulsion, 8th: frightful aspect, 9th: overwhelming presence

This ability modifies the legendary witch’s patron but does not preclude the legendary witch from taking an archetype that modifies or replaces the patron.

Master of Terror (Ex)

At 1st level, your mastery over fear increases the potency of your fear-based effects. The DC for any spell you cast or effect you create that has the fear descriptor or causes a fear effect is increased by 1. This increases to +2 at 10th level. Additionally, your words and actions have an insidious undertone granting you a bonus on Intimidate checks equal to your class level. This replaces the hex gained at 1st level.

Powered by Fear (Su)

At 4th level, you may add the fear descriptor to any spell with a physical manifestation like obscuring mist, lightning bolt, or summon monster.

Creatures targeted or affected by the spell must make a Will save using the typical spell save DC for a spell of that level and including any bonuses normally applied to a spell of that kind, including from the master of terror ability. If they fail, the target(s) are shaken for 1d4 rounds in addition to the normal effects of the spell.

You may apply this ability to a number of spell levels equal to your legendary witch class levels per day. The shaken effect may only be applied to any one creature once for the duration of the underlying spell. Multiple spells affected by this ability do not compound to increase the effect but may prolong the duration of the shaken condition. This ability replaces the hex gained at 4th level.

Permeating Fear (Su)

At 8th level, your fear effects shake even those normally immune to such effects. Any creature normally immune to or having saving throw bonuses against fear, loses those benefits against your spells and effects that cause a fear condition or have a fear descriptor as long as their HD is less than or equal to your legendary witch level. This ability replaces the hex gained at 8th level.

Feed on Fear (Su)

At 10th level, anytime a creature is subject to a fear effect (shaken frightened or panicked) within 60 feet, including yourself, you are empowered.

The caster level for future spells with the fear descriptor is increased by the severity of the worst condition within the radius. If the highest condition is shaken, your CL is increased by 1, frightened 2, panicked 3. This ability replaces the major hex gained at 10th level but does not preclude you from selecting Major Hex in future levels.

Aura of Terror (Su)

At 14th level, you constantly exude an aura of unease and terror out to 60 feet. If they begin their turn within the aura, any creature with HD equal to or less than your legendary witch class level, must make a Will save (equal to your normal hex DC) or become shaken, or have their fear condition worsened by one step while in the aura. A creature affected by the aura may make a Will save to end the condition at the end of their turn. If the creature succeeds at the Will saving throw, they are not immune to the aura in future rounds. If a creature leaves the aura, the effect continues until the end of their turn, but ends thereafter unless exposed to the aura again. The dread witch may raise or lower this aura as a free action. This ability replaces the hex gained at 14th level.

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