Item Savant

Item savants are specialists in the theory and practice of magic, illuminating mysteries of the eldritch fabric that permeates existence. The path of the item savant brings expertise in the knowledge of exotic spells and the power to unlock the full potential of magical devices. This skill also makes savants quite valuable to adventuring parties, both in their mastery over ancient traps that utilize old magic and in their skill at identifying and utilizing magic items found in the field.

Note: An occultist with this archetype can never be eligible for the arcane savant prestige class.

Adept Activation (Su)

Starting at 5th level, an item savant can always take 10 on Use Magic Device checks, except when activating an item blindly. The item savant no longer automatically fails a Use Magic Device check if he rolls a natural 1 on the check.

This replaces the elective gained at 5th level.

Exoteric Magic (Su)

Starting at 7th level, an item savant can use diverse forms of magic. Once per day, he can use any one spell from any spell list as a spell-like ability. This spell must be at a spell level he can cast. If the spell requires material components worth 5 gp or more, he must provide these materials in order to use it. This replaces the elective gained at 7th level.

Glyph-Finding (Su)

At 8th level, an item savant can use Spellcraft to find writing-based magical traps (including glyphs, runes, sigils, and symbols) in the same way a rogue can use Perception to search for traps. This replaces the historical figure gained at 8th level.

Scroll Master (Su)

At 8th level, an item savant can use his own caster level instead of the item’s caster level when using a scroll or other spell-completion item. This replaces nexus points.

Quick Identification (Sp)

At 9th level, an item savant can cast identify as a swift action (caster level equals his character level). He can do this once per day per 2 class levels. This replaces the elective gained at 9th level.

Analyze Dweomer (Sp)

At 11th level, an item savant can cast analyze dweomer for up to 1 round per class level per day. He can use this ability in 1-round increments. This replaces the elective gained at 11th level.

Silence Master (Su)

A 12th level, an item savant can activate spell trigger, spell completion, and command word items silently, substituting a magical gesture for the necessary words. He cannot use this ability in circumstances where he could not cast a spell with somatic components. He must know how to normally activate the item for this ability to work. Three times per day, an item savant can also cast a spell of 6th level or lower from a magic item as if he were using a silent metamagic rod.

This replaces ambiance.

Dispeller (Sp)

At 13th level, the item savant can convert any 3rd-level or higher spell he is casting from a magic item into dispel magic. Likewise, he can convert any 6th-level or higher spell he is casting from a magic item into greater dispel magic.

This replaces the elective gained at 13th level.

Spellcasting Master (Ex)

At 14th level, three times per day as a swift action, an item savant can focus his mind. Once focused this way, any spells he casts from magic items for the remainder of that round do not provoke attacks of opportunity. Spells with a duration of concentration that he casts in this round persist for a number of rounds after the item savant ceases concentrating equal to his Intelligence bonus. This replaces the antique gained at 14th level.

Item Master (Su)

At 15th level, an item savant can spend 1 hour focusing his energies on a single non-charged magic item that requires an action to activate. At the end of this hour, that item becomes attuned to the item savant, and from that point on, that specific item can use the item savant’s caster level to resolve its effects rather than the item’s caster level. An item savant can change his attuned item by repeating the attunement ritual, but he loses attunement to the previous item. An item savant can have only one item attuned to him at a time. This replaces the elective gained at 15th level.

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