Inspired by the legends of valorous deeds of ancient warriors, the combattler blends academia with martial combat.

Through the drilling of historical fighting methods, he establishes a psychic link to the heroic masters of yore. Some combattlers glean their combat techniques from old weapons, while others pour over crumbling combat manuals in order to revive the arts of the weapon wielders of bygone ages.

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies

In addition to the occultist’s normal proficiencies, a combattler is proficient with heavy armor and tower shields.

Magic Weapon Damage (Su)

When a combattler wields a weapon that is enhanced by magic, the base damage of the weapon itself is also augmented, regardless of the weapon’s size. Whenever the combattler hits with a magic melee weapon, the weapon damage is based on his level and not the weapon type. Any melee magic weapon a combattler wields deals damage as a warpriest’s sacred weapon. The combattler can decide to use the weapon’s base damage instead of the magic weapon damage—this must be declared before the attack roll is made (if the weapon’s base damage exceeds the magic weapon damage, its damage is unchanged.) This increase in damage does not affect any other aspect of the weapon, and doesn’t apply to alchemical items, bombs, or other weapons that only deal energy damage. A combattler can use this ability on only one magic melee weapon at a time. This replaces the antiques gained at 1st and 10th level.

Locate Weakness (Sp)

Starting at 5th level, as a swift action, a combattler can sense the weak points of his foes, as per locate weakness. He can use this ability for a number of minutes per day equal to his Intelligence bonus. These minutes don’t need to be consecutive but must be spent in 1-minute increments. This replaces aura sight.

Field Harness (Ex)

Starting at 7th level, a combattler’s speed is no longer reduced when wearing medium armor.

At 11th level, a combattler’s speed is no longer reduced when wearing heavy armor.

This replaces the electives gained at these levels.

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