Yonin (Legendary Ninja Archetype)

Unknownst to most, there are two types of ninja in every clan: the innin (“in-” meaning yin) and the yonin (“yo-” meaning yang). The innin are more famous, their acts concealed in shadow and stealth. The yonin hide in plain sight, slowly gaining the trust of their targets, or using their status in public society to influence in favor of their clans. They excel at manipulation and disguise, and are perfect for infiltration in places the innin cannot reach.

Class Skill(s)

The yonin adds the Perform skill to their list of class skills.

Secret Techniques

At 1st level, a yonin gains the follow secret techniques:

Entrancing Voice (0 jutsu points, Su): As a standard action, the yonin can choose to make an opposed Diplomacy check against a creature’s Sense Motive, or force the creature to make a Will saving throw. The creature must be within 90 feet and be able to hear the yonin to be affected. If the yonin wins the opposed check or the creature fails the saving throw, the creature is fascinated as per the bard ability. Any attack with a concealed weapon (see below) does not end the effect if the weapon is not spotted. Damage dealt still ends the effect. If the target is currently engaged in combat with the yonin, they get a +5 bonus to their check or save against the ability. The effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to the yonin’s Cha modifier but may be ended at any time.

This is an enchantment (compulsion), language-dependent, mind-affecting effect.

This ability replaces the athletics secret technique.

Fascinate (1 jutsu point, Su)

As a standard action, the yonin may create a fascinate effect as per the bard ability using their ninja level as their effective bard level when determining the number of targets they can affect and for the ability’s saving throw DC.

The effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to the yonin’s Charisma Modifier, but may be ended at any time. If a concealed weapon (see below) is drawn or used, the fascinated creatures makes a Perception check, including the normal fascinate penalty, against the Sleight of Hand of the yonin. If they fail the Perception check, the fascinate effect is not ended by an attack with that concealed weapon. Damage dealt to a specific target still ends the effect for that one target. Hostilities by others will still end the fascinate effect. If the ninja takes bard levels, or levels in a class with the fascinate ability, the levels stack for determining the DC and number of targets affected.

This ability replaces the striding assault technique.


At 2nd level, the yonin gains the eyes of innocence ninja trick. This ability replaces the vanishing trick ability.

The yonin can select vanishing trick as though it was a ninja trick.

Master of Whispers

At 9th level, the yonin gains the master of whispers ninja trick. If the ninja already has the master of whispers ninja trick, the ninja may choose another ninja trick in its place.

This ability replaces the vanishing master ability. The yonin can select vanishing master as though it was a ninja trick with the prerequisite of vanishing trick.

Ease of Disguise

At 15th level, the disguise veil ninja technique no longer costs a jutsu point. The ninja is still required to have jutsu points available to use this technique and special uses of the technique, like the face-off ability, still requires jutsu points. This ability replaces the shadow invisibility ability.

Master of Disguise

At 19th level, when disguised, whether through a spell, the disguise veil technique or similar, the ninja’s disguise cannot be seen through by magical or mundane means, including true seeing. However, this does not prevent an observer from identifying the ninja if they see the transformation. This ability replaces the true invisibility ability.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Legendary Ninjas © 2020, Legendary Games; Authors N. Jolly, Mia Yoshida, Connor Bates, Cerise Herndon, and Nate Wright.

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