Abjurant Champion (Legendary Magus Archetype)

An abjurant champion uses their understanding of protective magics to turn themself into an arcane-powered citadel.


An abjurant champion gains access to all abjuration spells available to a wizard of 1st through 6th level. This modifies the spells available to the magus or legendary magus.

Abjurant Armor (Su)

An abjurant champion eschews physical armor to focus upon their protective magics. Starting at 1st level, anytime the abjurant champion casts a spell that grants themself armor or shield bonus to AC, they increase the value of the bonus by 1/2 their class level. This bonus is only applied once even if there are multiple spells in effect that grant such bonuses.

For example, if the abjurant champion has mage armor and shield active, they only add their class levels to AC once. This bonus to AC only applies to themself, not to other targets.

This ability replaces the armor proficiency of the magus or legendary magus and their ability to cast their spells while wearing armor without incurring the armor check penalty.

Extended Protections (Su)

An abjurant champion learns to draw out the protections they provide. At 1st level, any abjuration spell or spell that provides an armor or shield bonus to AC cast by the abjurant champion is doubled in duration as if affected by the Extend Spell metamagic feat. This extended duration does not stack with an application of the feat itself.

This ability replaces spell combat for the magus and armaments of the magi for the legendary magus.

Tenacious Spells (Ex)

An abjurant champions spells are harder to thwart. Beginning at 2nd level, the abjurant champion adds their class level to the DC to counter or dispel their spells.

This ability replaces spellstrike for the magus and spell combat for the legendary magus.

Swift Protections (Su)

An abjurant champion knows they cannot waste precious time during combat when protecting themselves and their allies.

Starting at 5th level, they may choose to cast abjuration spells or spells that provide an armor or shield bonus to AC as a swift action. This does not stack with the effects of the Quicken Spell metamagic feat. The maximum spell level the abjurant champion can quicken in this way is equal to 1/4 their class level.

This ability replaces the bonus feats gained at 5th and 11th levels.

Dispelling Strike (Su)

An abjurant champion learns to channel dispelling magic into their strikes.

At 8th level, as part of an attack action, the abjurant champion can spend a point from their arcane pool or arcane potential to dispel a spell on the target as if using greater dispel magic with the abjurant champion’s class level as their caster level for this effect.

This ability replaces improved spell combat for the magus and the bonus feat gained at 8th level and the rapid spell combat potential technique of the legendary magus.

Siphoning Strike (Su)

When sundering the spells of their enemies, the abjurant champion learns to take on some of that power into themself. Starting at 14th level, when using dispelling strike, the abjurant champion gains 2 arcane pool points or 2 arcane potential, in effect netting a 1 point gain after the use of the ability.

This ability replaces greater spell combat for the magus and the bonus feat gained at 14th level for the legendary magus.

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