War Kineticist

While some kineticists manage to create more long-lasting effects, war kineticists thrive in the moment, only caring for victory. Their powers are far more robust for short periods of time, but quickly fade into nothingness, leaving only a lust for combat in their hearts. They are the destroyers of armies, their power never waning, always ready to fight at a moment’s notice.

Burn (Ex)

A war kineticist can accept an amount of burn per day equal to their Constitution modifier (minimum 1).

This alters burn.

Battle Burn (Ex)

At 3rd level, a war kineticist gains the ability to accept 1 point of battle burn. Battle burn does not deal nonlethal damage, and you can accept a point of battle burn in place of burn when using an infusion wild talent or utility wild talent with a duration measured in rounds (such as celerity or tremorsense), but they must have a duration longer than 1 round. Whenever a war kineticist accepts a point of battle burn when using a wild talent, the effects of that wild talent only last for 5 minutes or their normal duration (whichever is less).

Resting for 5 minutes removes all battle burn a war kineticist possesses and immediately ends any effects on which battle burn was spent. At 9th and 15th level, a war kineticist can accept an additional point of battle burn.

Battle burn counts as burn for the purpose of activating elemental overflow. A war kineticist gains elemental overflow +1 at 6th level, increasing this bonus by +1 for every 6 war kineticist levels they possess past 6th level.

This alters elemental overflow.

Battle Buffer (Su)

A war kineticist’s internal buffer is twice the size as normal but can only be used for composite blasts, metakinesis, and infusions. Treat the effects of a wild talent for which burn has been prevented by internal buffer as if the war kineticist had accepted battle burn to use it. Battle burn cannot be used to add points to internal buffer.

This alters internal buffer.

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