Elemental Saturations

Elemental saturations act as points of power for kineticists. In these locations, elemental energies are at their apex. They can be places where planar energies grind with the Material Plane, forming rifts into the elemental planes, or where the air is so thick with particular forms of magic that it transforms the landscape, or they could be connected to events in the past that forever imprinted themselves on the Material Plane’s substance.

Mechanically, an elemental saturation provides the kineticist and their party a potential challenge to overcome in their travels, and rewards their success by granting the PCs access to a wild talent that would otherwise be unavailable. These, of course, can also serve as unique plot devices, or perhaps side-quests for the PCs to partake in, or rewards for them choosing to explore their surroundings rather than blindly following the path the adventure leads them. It can be a way for a GM to gate powerful utility wild talents, infusions, and even feats and magical items, whether they are those suggested here or others that are described in this book’s later sections.

Some could even reward non-kineticists with spells or other permanent rewards, incentivizing the whole party to help their kineticist attain more strength.

Each elemental saturation is themed to a particular element. For example, one may be a whirling eternal hurricane, one may be a landscape formed from the living skin of an old god, and another may be a tower of ice over a frozen city. The possibilities are limited only by the type of campaign the GM runs and their own imagination. The following are a few suggested ideas to show what kind of diverse locales can be utilized by a GM looking to put the team’s kineticist in the limelight for a while; however, these are by no means the only way a saturation can manifest, and GMs are encouraged to define unique challenges and rewards for players seeking to attune themselves to an element via a saturation.

Aether Saturations

Aether saturations can be found where creatures associated with the Ethereal Plane are common, and occur frequently where powerful ethereal eddies and rifts to the Ethereal Plane are.

One example of an aether saturation is an etheric storm, a whirling dervish of raw primal energy that can be found in the desert. After finding such a storm, a telekineticist must succeed at both a DC 20 Knowledge (arcana) check and a DC 20 Survival check and spend 1d4 hours searching for the point of the storm’s origin to attune themselves to it. They can then learn the primal aether utility wild talent.

Another example is a deep, foggy marsh filled with harps and benches composed of etheric energy where an eerie song is played. A creature may sit at a bench and play, and must make a DC 15 Perform (strings) or Dexterity check. Failing this check by 4 or less has no consequences, but failing this check by 5 or more causes them to suffer 2 points of ability drain to their Charisma score. A creature whose Charisma score would be reduced to 0 or lower by this ability drain instead instantly heals all Charisma drain, being affected by a feeblemind spell and ceases aging, being forced to perform until another creature next to them successfully performs the song. A creature who makes four successful checks has managed to complete the song and gains a permanent +1 to their Dexterity score, and telekineticists who pass this trial also are granted access to the aetheric song blast infusion.

Those who attune themselves to an aether saturation might be granted one of the following wild talents:

Aetheric Song Blast

Element(s): aether; Type substance infusion; Level 1; Burn 1

Associated blasts telekinetic

Saving Throw None; Spell Resistance no

The foe is forced to feel the song of the lost resonating through their body. You cause half of the damage from this blast to be treated as sonic damage. This infusion does not count against the limit of 1 substance infusion for the purposes of how many infusions can be added to a blast.

Primal Aether

Element(s): aether; Type utility (Su); Level 3; Burn 0

You can gather strands of aether twisted and warped by an aether saturation, and wind them so tightly that they explode, creating a primal magic eventism with a CR equal to your kineticist level.

Air Saturations

Air saturations are points where openings to the Plane of Air open up or where the veil between them and the Material Plane are weaker. They can take several forms, but are most common in the form of hurricanes and tornadoes.

When an aerokineticist finds such a storm- typically near ruins of skyward cities or in djinn-influenced areas- they must fly around the entire perimeter without stopping while succeeding at a series of 12 consecutive DC 40 Fly checks. If they fail two or fewer checks, they take 50d6 points of bludgeoning damage from the storm’s gale-force winds. If they fail three or more checks, they must succeed at a DC 25 Reflex save or be pulled into the eye of the storm, never to return.

If successful in their Fly checks, they can learn the hurricane queen wild talent.

Storms formed from air saturations aren’t always windstorms, of course. Some such storms circulate around lightning-scarred fields or ancient graveyards and mausoleums hiding gods of thunder. Each round a creature is inside such a location, they must make a successful DC 12 Reflex save or take 1d6+1 electric damage, ignoring any resistance or immunity to electricity they might possess. For each successful save a creature makes, the DC of the Reflex save needed to dodge the lightning increases by +1, and the damage increases by +1d6+1, to a maximum of 5d6+6. Creatures who die due to this electricity damage are themselves locked in the location as ghosts. Those who manage to dodge these lightning bolts five consecutive times attune themselves to the saturation; the lightning no longer attempts to strike them, and they gain a +2 circumstance bonus to all Reflex saving throws. Aerokineticists who pass this trial also are granted access to the lightning step utility wild talent.

Those who attune themselves to an air saturation might be granted one of the following wild talents:

Hurricane Queen

Element(s): air; Type utility (Su); Level 9; Burn

You are one with the hurricane. Your enveloping winds defense wild talent has an additional 25% chance of deflecting non-magical ranged attacks, and your total deflection chance can exceed the usual cap of 75%.

All wind and weather (including creatures using the whirlwind monster ability) affect you and your attacks only if you wish them to do so; for example, you could shoot arrows directly through a tornado without penalty.

Lightning Step

Element(s): air; Level 3; Type utility (Sp); Burn 0

Whenever you make a successful Reflex saving throw, you can move 5 feet once as a free action. You can accept 1 point of burn to instead move up to your speed.

Earth Saturations

Earth saturations are places where the Plane of Earth collides with the Material Plane. As one may expect, such places are typically caverns or mountains, but can also take the form of places composed of manufactured stone.

Earth saturations are most common in the deep, dark places of the world, especially in subterranean geode caverns. Such caves are full of crystals infused with the energy of the Elemental Planes of Earth. A geokineticist must spend 9 days in quiet contemplation in a fetal position amid these crystals, succeeding at a DC 20 Knowledge (dungeoneering) check each day. Crystals gradually grow on them until they are completely covered.

If they fail a check, they must start over, and after each failure they must succeed at a DC 20 Fortitude save or develop a deformity from the mutant template. At the end of the ninth day, they emerge reborn, with the earth child wild talent in place of one of their 3rd-level or lower utility talents. A geokineticist can halt this attunement at any point without incurring negative effects.

Another possible location of an earth saturation would be ruins where haunted or animated statues rule the roost, seeking to indoctrinate others into their ranks. These are treated as caryatid columns, except they possess 5 hit dice, 13 Dexterity, and 9 Wisdom, with all statistics adjusted accordingly. In addition, they are treated as possessing no weapons; instead they benefit from Bonded Mind, Dirty Fighting, Exceptional Aid, and Improved Grapple as if they possessed those feats.

They will favor solo adventurers or attempt to corral individuals away from a group, moving only when others cannot see them or when an individual has been pinned down by another of their ranks. When adjacent to an individual, the caryatid column will either initiate a grapple with a target or use Aid Another to assist another caryatid column’s grapple, and upon success, the caryatid will seek to pin its victim and maintain the grapple.

Those that fail to wrest themselves from the caryatids’ grapple after five rounds will be turned to stone, and if not rescued from their petrification within one week, will undergo a transformation into a new caryatid.

Characters can willingly allow themselves to become pinned by a caryatid, then break away from its grapple at least five times within a 24 hour period. Upon success the statues stop attempting to grapple that individual, and the character gains a permanent +4 insight bonus to their CMD against grapples, as well as to Escape Artist checks to escape a grapple. In addition, geokineticists are granted access to the frightful statue utility wild talent.

Those who attune themselves to an earth saturation might be granted one of the following wild talents:

Earth Child

Element(s): earth; Type utility (Su); Level 3; Burn

Blending your form with crystal, you have transmuted yourself into something akin to an oread. You keep your original racial abilities (including your ability score adjustments, but not your movement speed) and also gain all oread racial abilities (including an oread’s movement speed and the outsider [native] type) except for ability score adjustments.

You have the crystalline form alternate racial trait instead of earth affinity, but cannot otherwise choose alternate racial traits.

Frightful Statue

Element(s): earth; Type utility (Sp); Level 5; Burn 1

This ability functions as the statue spell, except you can only use it on yourself, it lasts 1 minute per kineticist level, and you cannot take most actions while in statue form. Instead, you can only take move actions or end this effect as a free action (you cannot return to your statue form without using this wild talent again). While in this state you can make Stealth checks to hide even when observed so long as you are within an environment where the presence of a statue would not be unusual, receiving a +4 circumstance bonus on these skill checks.

When you move adjacent to another creature while affected by this wild talent, you can replace your normal expression with a horrifying visage until the end of the round as a free action; if the creature adjacent to you fails to notice your movement but later sees you after you have taken on the horrifying visage, you can attempt an Intimidate check as an immediate action to cause them to become shaken for a number of rounds equal to your Constitution modifier. Making additional Intimidate checks the same way can advance shaken foes to frightened, or frightened foes to panicked.

Fire Saturations

Elemental saturations of fire tend to occur near, or even inside, of active volcanoes or wildfires, and embody the purifying essence of flame.

A pyrokineticist must impress a mighty kami overseeing such a saturation. This might involve an appropriate gift or a successful DC 30 Diplomacy check attempted by the kineticist or by an ally who speaks Ignan. If they impress the kami, the kineticist is immediately affected as if using the purging flame wild talent and can learn that wild talent.

Less obvious saturations can occur where the divide between the Plane of Fire and the Material Plane is thin or even an open gateway; for example, a forest with trees permanently ablaze may have its roots set into a blazing cavern rife with fire energy which feeds the trees. Creatures lose the benefits of fire resistance and immunity and are constantly afflicted with the fatigued condition while within the caves. Potions carried into the caves boil away, becoming useless. In addition, such creatures sustain 2d6 fire damage for each full minute spent inside, and upon taking this damage must succeed a DC 10 Fort save, with each subsequent minute spent in the caves increasing the DC by an amount equal to 1/2 the fire damage taken that turn. Failing this save twice causes a creature to become exhausted, and failing three more times while exhausted causes them to fall unconscious (even if they would otherwise be unaffected by sleep effects). Those who fall unconscious in the depths without anyone to drag them out to safety are usually doomed to death.

Those who succeed in finding the center of the caves have their fire resistance and immunity restored and gain an additional 10 fire resistance; pyrokineticists also can learn the autocombustion utility wild talent.

Those who attune themselves to a fire saturation might be granted one of the following wild talents:


Element(s): fire; Type utility (Sp); Level 4; Burn 1

Until the next time you recover from burn, you can apply the fire creature template to or remove it from yourself as a full-round action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Applying this template to yourself does not turn you or your natural attacks incorporeal, does not affect your hit dice, saves, or ability scores in any way, and does not grant you the fire leap special quality if you would gain it this way; you can accept 1 additional point of burn when applying the template to ignore these restrictions for 1 minute. The template is removed the next time you recover from burn.

Purging Flame

Element(s): fire; Type utility (Sp); Level 6; Burn 1 (see text)

You can purge yourself or another with flame, removing all impurities. This functions as break enchantment on a single target. The target must be willing and takes 2 points of fire damage per character level as well as 1 point of burn (you do not need to accept burn unless you are the target). You can use this ability even when affected by an effect that denies you actions, so long as this effect is one that break enchantment could remove. If you burn rare incense or igneous rocks worth 100 gp or 1,000 gp as part of using purging flame, your target also benefits from restoration, as if the spell were cast using diamonds of equal value as a material component.

Light Saturations

Light saturations are places where he light itself takes form and substance, where illusions blend with reality a little too closely. These places often are known to bask in eternal daylight, or may house great luminescent sources of energy.

One example of a light saturation is the home of an ancient text guarded by sentient illusions and labyrinthine mirrored corridors that plague those seeking the tome. As they attempt to navigate the illusions, characters must succeed a DC 20 Fortitude save or have their senses dulled, receiving a- 5 to all Perception checks (this penalty also affects touch, blindsense, blindsight, and other senses), suffering a -2 to Perception checks on a successful save.

After 5 rounds, the illusions lead them to the book and they must attempt a DC 15 Perception check to read the text of the tome and become one with their illusions (creatures who cannot see can simply ‘feel’ the words).

Those who fail dispel their illusion, but lose part of their senses, suffering 4 Wisdom drain. Those who manage to read the tome gain a +2 to all sight-based Perception checks and dispel the illusion safely. Kineticists who possess the light element again access to the illusion alteration utility wild talent.

Those who attune themselves to a light saturation might be granted the following wild talent:

Illusion Alteration

Element(s): light; Type utility (Sp); Level 3; Burn 0

You know how to alter illusions to your purpose.

Whenever you disbelieve an illusion, you can touch that illusion to alter it however you want for 1 round per kineticist level you possess. You can accept 1 burn to change the illusion for as long as it would normally last or until you recover burn, whichever comes first.

Machine Saturations

Due to the artifice required to create a machine saturation, one will often find them either in ruins rife with ancient advanced technologies or in places where alien life has contacted the plane, infecting it with their own strange devices and advancements. These are one of the few kinds of saturations that are almost always created via artificial means, even if by accident or by happenstance.

One machine saturation is a lake filled with what at first appears to be quicksilver, but is in fact nanomachines in fluid form. Those who wish to draw power from this location must step into the ‘water’ allowing it to submerge them entirely (due to the composition, those who are submerged can still breathe normally). While inside, the nanomachines will attempt to assimilate anyone they can, and each round, those in the lake must make a DC 15 Fortitude save and a DC 15 Will save to avoid having both their body and mind absorbed by the nanomachines until they make eight successful saving throws in total. Each time one fails a Fortitude save, they suffer 1 point of Constitution drain, while each failed Will save causes them to take 1 point of Wisdom drain. Those who have their Constitution or Wisdom reduced to 0 while submerged cease to exist, lost to the nanomachines; these creatures can only be revived by a wish or miracle spell. After eight successful saving throws have been made, the nanomachines no longer attack them, recognizing that person as their master. They then suffuse that creature’s bloodstream and bolster their endurance, granting them either Great Fortitude or Iron Will as a bonus feat (their choice). Kineticists who possess the machine element gain access to the twitch reflexes utility wild talent.

Those who attune themselves to a machine saturation might be granted the following wild talent:

Twitch Reflexes

Element(s): machine; Type utility (Sp); Level 3; Burn 1

Your body can often move without your mind’s input. You can use this wild talent as part of making an initiative check, rolling two times and taking the better result. If you possess 3 or more burn, you instead roll three times and take the best result and gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Reflex saves until the next time your burn is removed.

Mind Saturations

Mind saturations are most often found in places where psychic energies run rampant. While this may be assumed to be where humanoids with psychic powers exist, this isn’t always the case, as mind saturations will also be found in places where animals, plants, and even minerals have been imbued with sentience.

A good example of a mind saturation might be a cavern where crystals contain powerful psionic energy. Those who wish to draw power from this location must meditate amongst the crystals for 5 minutes. Once they have done so, their minds will be drawn into the crystals, leaving their bodies unconscious. While their minds are inside the crystals, they must attempt either a DC 20 concentration check or a DC 30 Knowledge (any) check to find the secrets buried within the crystals, absorbing their knowledge and power. On each round they attempt one such check, they suffer one negative level, treating it as if they were affected by mindwipe. Once they have made four successful checks, their mind returns to their body and they gain a +2 bonus to Will saves against mind-affecting effects. Those who die here while comatose from their negative levels (as per mindwipe) have their mind drawn into the crystals.

Kineticists who possess the mind element gain access to the mental fortress utility talent.

Those who attune themselves to a mind saturation might be granted the following wild talent:

Mental Fortress

Element(s): mind; Type utility (Sp); Level 4; Burn 1

Your mind is a bastion, privy to none but yourself.

Whenever you would fail a save against a mind-affecting effect, you can choose to end that effect instantly as a swift or immediate action before suffering the effects of it. If you do so, you are dazed for 1 round.

Poison Saturations

Due to the poison element’s links to the natural world, poison saturation can often be found in similar places as earth and wood saturations: forests, caves, jungles, and the like. The easiest way for a non-kineticist to tell the difference is that the flora and fauna near poison saturations have mutated to both use and survive powerful toxins. Ooze breeding pits and radioactive fields can also be home to such saturations.

One way to attune oneself to a poison saturation is to allow its native beasts to poison them. They must seek out five different venomous creatures, making no aggressive action towards them. As long as they are approached peacefully, they will not strike unless a creature offers its hand (or other limb) to it. Once offered, the creature will bite its victim, forcing them to make a DC 22 Fortitude save or take 3 Con damage; while this is a poison effect, it is such a potent poison that immunity to poisons is ignored. Ability damage sustained this way will not heal naturally. If a creature leaves the valley before having succeeded against this trial must start over again, and those who die are eventually reborn as new venomous creatures. Those who succeed at five Fortitude saves against these beasts’ venom gain a +4 on saves against poisons. Kineticists who possess the poison element also gain access to the poison expert utility wild talent.

Those who attune themselves to a poison saturation might be granted the following wild talent:

Poison Expert

Element(s): poison; Type utility (Su); Level 2; Burn

All poisons created by you (including those made with biological toxin) have their save DC increased by 1.

Sound Saturations

One will typically find a sound saturation in places where sound and sonic energies are amplified and echoed easily, such as hollow caverns and large man-made rooms. It can be difficult to identify if a saturation is in such a location without keen hearing, as echoes have subtle differences that most cannot pick up. Other potential places where sound saturations occur may be those where unusual sounds can be heard, sometimes mistaken for haunted locations.

One example of a sound saturation is a field filled with a strange breed of flower which absorbs and emits sound, often robbing the connection of particular sounds to individuals. Those who wish to attune themselves to this type of sound saturation must sit among the flowers for one hour, spending this time speaking their name over and over again, allowing one of the flowers to rob them of their name. After their name has been lost, one must make five successful DC 20 Perception checks among the flowers within the next 2 minutes or have their name lost permanently, suffering 4 points of Charisma drain as well as losing any memory of what their name was, and cannot recover it by without a wish or miracle spell. Those who manage to find the flower with their name gain a +4 competence bonus to all sound-based Perception checks.

Kineticists who possess the sound element also gain access to the sound mimicry utility wild talent.

Those who attune themselves to a sound saturation might be granted the following wild talent:

Sound Mimicry

Element(s): sound; Type utility (Su); Level 2; Burn

You can recreate any sound you have heard, including the voices of others, granting you a +10 circumstance bonus on sound-related Bluff checks.

Time Saturations

Amongst the most esoteric of elemental saturations, time saturations are incredibly difficult to identify from outside them. However, time will often flow differently within; an individual within a time saturation may experience a minute passing while years have passed for the rest of their plane, or might experience hours of time passing within a second. In a few cases time may even flow backwards.

A time saturation could easily occur anywhere, though places where primal magic exists seem to be more prone to contain these rare elemental energies.

One classic example of a time saturation may be a chamber which is a dead magic zone, cut off from the rest of the world. Each minute spent inside of the chamber feels as though 10 years have passed for both body and mind. After spending 1 minute of their plane’s normal time inside of the chamber, one must make a DC 10 Fortitude and Will save, staving off both the decay of their body and the ennui of their mind, suffering 1 Constitution or Wisdom damage on a failed save respectively. For each additional minute spent inside of this chamber, increase this DC by 3. Those wishing to gain the power of this location must spend 5 minutes inside of the chamber, and may fail up to 5 saves before being unable to draw the power out of this location. Once they leave the chamber, the effects of it end, although any ability damage taken remains. Those who manage to do so gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Initiative checks due to their ability to perceive time more acutely. Kineticists who possess the time element gain access to the seize the initiative utility wild talent.

Those who attune themselves to a time saturation might be granted the following wild talent:

Seize The Initiative

Element(s): time; Type utility (Su); Level 2; Burn

Whenever you are able to act in the surprise round, you can take both a move and standard action.

Viscera Saturations

Viscera saturations often take the form of nightmarish landscapes; some places may be fields coated in gore and raw flesh rather than plants, others may be hellish laboratories filled with mutated beasts, others still might be living creatures all their own which act as complete mobile ecosystems.

One particular example of a viscera example is a living land that attempts to consume those that walk upon it.

Those who wish to gain its power must make their way to the center of it with no weapons drawn, showing their peaceful intent. As long as no actions are made against the land, it will swallow those who stand upon it, slowly beginning to devour them. Each round for 10 rounds, all those inside of the viscera saturation must succeed a DC 15 Fortitude save or take 4d6 acid damage, taking half on a successful save. One may heal themselves during this time, but any aggressive action made against the land will be interpreted as a threat, and it will attempt to swallow you without bestowing any power upon you. After 10 rounds, the Genus Loci will assume that those inside of it are inedible, spitting them back out onto its surface.

Those who survive gain a +1 to their natural armor bonus.

Kineticists with the viscera element gain access the endure pain utility wild talent.

Those who attune themselves to a viscera saturation might be granted the following wild talent:

Endure Pain

Element(s): viscera; Type utility (Sp); Level 3; Burn 0

You convert 1 point of lethal damage per kineticist level you possess into nonlethal damage. You cannot use this utility wild talent while suffering from nonlethal damage from a source other than burn.

Void Saturations

Void saturations are peculiar, as the very element of void implies the absence of energy or matter. As such, places where the void element takes domain will often be shrouded in unnatural darkness, flooded with cold and undeath, or simply be vacuums devoid of any sort of matter, even air.

One such elemental saturation is a place where even the sun’s light is snuffed, the land blanketed in an eternal shadow. Upon reaching this void saturation, one must willingly let themselves fall asleep beneath the darkness, letting their mind wander to the sky above. Once they awaken, for each round those who wish to gain power from this location are within the saturation, one must succeed both a DC 15 Fortitude save and a DC 15 Perception check.

Failing the Fortitude save causes the individual to sustain negative energy damage equal to their hit dice, as well as increasing the DC of the Perception check by 5; a creature reduced to 0 or fewer hit points by this damage immediately dies and becomes an undead, and the damage ignores all immunity and resistance to negative energy damage and will even damage creatures normally healed by it. Each round, the DC of the Fortitude save increases by 1 while the DC of the Perception check increases by 2. A creature must succeed at four Perception checks to escape the darkness.

Those who succeed gain darkvision 60 feet or increase the range of their darkvision by 30 feet if they already possessed darkvision or gain it from a wild talent. Kineticists who possess the void element gain access to the night sense utility wild talent.

Those who attune themselves to a void saturation might be granted the following wild talent:

Night Sense

Element(s): void; Type utility (Sp); Level 3; Burn 0

While you are in dim light or worse light conditions, you can detect the location of all creatures who are also in dim lighting or worse as though you had blindsense 30 feet for a number of rounds equal to your kineticist level. You can accept 1 burn to instead treat this as blindsight 30 feet.

Water Saturations

Water saturations can occur in shipwrecks or sunken cities occupied by sentient aquatic creatures in the depths of the oceans, as well as other places where the Plane of Water comes close to the Material Plane. A hydrokineticist must demonstrate (or fake) the favor of a powerful ruler of such a place. They must then succeed at four consecutive DC 20 Swim checks without taking 10. If they fail, they take 5d6 points of bludgeoning damage; if they succeed, they can learn the water alteration wild talent.

Because water also contains the power of cold, water saturations can also occur in areas where cold energy overwhelms the landscape. A character finding such a place can search it and find a tower made of sheer ice. The tower is so cold that it inhibits all movement, reducing base speed to 1/2 its normal value and all other move speeds to 1/4 while within 500 feet of it. It is also surrounded by constant hurricane-force winds blowing sharp shards of hail with them. Those climbing or flying within 60 ft. of the tower take 3d6 piercing damage per round and must succeed a DC 35 Fort save or be frozen on the spot regardless of if they take this damage or how much, paralyzing them for 1 round. Those who have reached the top where the water saturation originates become able to cast ray of frost as a spell-like ability at will and frostbite as a spell-like ability once per day. Hydrokineticists will additionally gain access to the rime blast infusion.

Those who attune themselves to a water saturation might be granted one of the following wild talents:

Rime Blast

Element(s): water; Type substance infusion; Level 6; Burn 3

Associated blasts aurora, blizzard, chilled bone, cold, ice, subzero, tundra, winter

Saving throw Fort partial; Spell Resistance yes

The foe is subjected to a chill unmatched by anything known in the Material Plane. If the infused blast penetrates spell resistance (whether or not it deals damage), those hit are affected as if by unshakable chill, except they must save every round, its damage is lethal, and its duration is 1 round per 2 kineticist levels you possess. In addition, they suffer 1 point of Dexterity drain whenever they fail to save against its effects.

If a creature is killed by this blast or this infusion’s damage and risen as an undead, the undead creature gains the frostfallen creature templatepap51; this effect lasts 24 hours, after which the corpse would be risen as normal or a creature already risen with the effect loses its frostfallen creature template. The duration of this effect is reset if the corpse or undead spends at least 2 hours in sufficiently cold conditions.

Water Alteration

Element(s): water; Type utility (Sp); Level 1; Burn 0

You can turn fresh water into seawater, and vice versa.

This can affect a volume of water equal to 2 gallons per kineticist level, allowing sea creatures to survive in water that was fresh and freshwater creatures to survive in water that was briny. Additionally, when you alter water’s salinity with this talent, you can adjust the water’s temperature so that a creature can survive in it more easily (or simply be more comfortable). Water altered in this way must be confined within an appropriately sized container; attempts to alter a larger quantity of water fail.

Wood Saturations

Although there is no known elemental place of Wood, there exist wood saturations that are linked instead to energies of the Fey World. Wood saturations are most common in areas where plantlife is dense and unchecked, and can be identified by the fact that such places are filled with nigh-impenetrable overgrowth that rejuvenates at an unusual pace. Even urban environments can contain a wood saturation, though this is far more unusual and more often is linked to places where fey creatures reside.

One such saturation is a place where fruit grows on trees rumored to have once been humans themselves. Those wishing to attune themselves to this saturation must eat one of the grove’s fruits, and then each round afterwards, they must succeed a DC 14 Fortitude save or take 1 Constitution damage as the fruit attempts to eat them from the inside out, and must continue to attempt such saves until they have succeeded at three saves or been reduced to 0 Constitution.

Upon succeeding their third Fortitude save, those who have eaten the fruit overcome its ravenous nature, absorbing its strength into themselves and gaining the Toughness feat as a bonus feat (this feat cannot be exchanged or retrained).

Those who are reduced to 0 Constitution by this ability damage die are affected as if by arboreal infusion. Kineticists who possess the wood element gain access to the wood in the blood utility wild talent.

Those who attune themselves to a wood saturation might be granted the following wild talent:

Wood In The Blood

Element(s): wood; Type utility (Su); Level 2; Burn

You recover twice as many hit points while resting and recover from ability damage twice as fast. You can also reduce any ability drain from which you are suffering by 1 point per day of full bed rest from which you benefit.

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