Some investigators are tasked with being the light in the dark. They make the night safe for the rest of the people by shining their light upon the creatures of the shadows and those who lurk in the dark.

Skills: Perform and Profession are not class skills for a lamplighter. This ability alters the investigator’s class skills.

Lamplighter (Sp)

At 1st level, a lamplighter can take a move action to cast the spell spark at will.

Mastery of Illumination (Su)

At 3rd level, a lamplighter adds all spells with the light descriptor to his spells known. They must still be able to prepare spells of the corresponding levels to be able to cast them. The spells are added to their spells known at the lowest spell level listed for the spell. Additionally, the lamplighter may substitute a prepared spell or extract to cast a light spell of the same or lower level. This ability replaces the investigator talent gained at 3rd level.

Ready for Revelation (Ex)

At 3rd level, a lamplighter can use inspiration on initiative checks without spending a use of inspiration. They can use their Intelligence modifier in place of their Dexterity modifier on initiative checks. At 6th level, if the lamplighter has Quick Draw, they can draw a weapon as part of his initiative check. At 9th level, the lamplighter isn’t flatfooted before they acts in the first round of combat.

At 12th level, the lamplighter adds their Intelligence bonus as well as their Dexterity bonus to initiative checks. At 15th level, the lamplighter can act last during the surprise round even if they are otherwise unaware combat has started. At 18th level, the lamplighter is not limited to just a move or standard action during the surprise round—they can act normally. This ability replaces keen recollection and danger sense.

New Investigator Talent: A lamplighter may select the following talent when gaining an investigator talent.

Derived Illumination (Sp)

You can sacrifice a potion, charge of a wand or staff, or scroll to cast a spell of equivalent level or lower with the light descriptor. The DC of a spell cast in such a way is equal to your normal spellcasting DC. This does not allow you to cast spells of levels higher than you can normally cast.

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