Primal Spirit Hunter (Legendary Hunter Archetype)

Some hunters not only have a bond with their companion but a bond directly with nature similar to a druid. Their companion is also a guide and their connection to the primal forces of nature.

Primal Companion: A primal companion is a representation and a conduit of the hunter’s connection to nature. The animal companion gains abilities, benefits and a slight change to their outward appearance based on the element chosen. The hunter must also have the animal companion present to regain spells as they are their conduit to their magic.

Additionally, the animal companion’s type changes to Magical Beast and they get a subtype based on their chosen element. Once a choice is made for an animal companion, it may not be changed until the animal companion is replaced due to a dismissal or death. Otherwise, the animal companion progresses as normal with an option 7th level growth to replace the normal advancement offered. See the primal manifestation choices below.

Levels in other classes that provide animal companions do not stack with this class for purposes of determining growth and abilities. This ability alters animal companion and spellcasting but may be applied along with other archetypes that modify or replace the same abilities as long as the growth options are still available.

Primal Connection: At 7th level, the primal spirit hunter can use their connection to nature through their companion to help guide their actions. Once per day, the hunter may cast augury as a spell-like ability with the caster level equal to their hunter level. At 10th level they may also use the connection to cast the spell forest sense as a spell-like ability with the exception that the spell may also use unworked stone or clay, or animals as a sensors. This ability replaces raise animal companion.

Primal manifestations

Primal manifestations are made up of the following appearance changes, which are suggestions for the hunter to spice up the description of their companion; a Subtype and a 7th-level growth option.


Appearance: Body gives off acrid smoke, green streaks of coloration, mottled fur or feathers, scarring.

Subtype: Earth

7th-level: AC: +2 natural; +2 Dex, +4 Con; Resist acid 5; natural weapons deal an extra 1d4 acid damage


Appearance: fur or feathers seem to move without any wind, streaks of white coloration, white swirling irises, nimble or lithe physique.

Subtype: Air

7th-level: AC: +2 Dodge; +6 Dex; Weapon Finesse; +10 base speed (or fly speed)


Appearance: their bodies seem to be rimmed with frost regardless of temperature, have all-white coloration, icy blue eyes.

Subtype: Cold

7th-level: AC: +2 natural; +2 Str, +4 Con; Resist cold 5; Natural attacks deal 1d4 extra cold damage


Appearance: their bodies are caked in mud or dust, their coloration is of a ruddy brown or stone gray, their fur or feathers are stiff and coarse.

Subtype: Earth

7th-level: AC: +4 natural; +4 Str, +4 Con; Gain or improve climb speed by 20 ft.; DR 2/-


Appearance: a subtle smoke rises from them, they are very warm to the touch, orange, yellow or red streaks of coloration glowing eyes like coals.

Subtype: Fire

7th-level: AC: +2 natural; +4 Dex, +2 Con; Resist fire 5; Natural attacks deal 1d4 extra fire damage


Appearance: fur or feathers seem to stand on end, noble and fast physique, eyes glow yellow.

Subtype: Air

7th-level: AC: +2 Dodge; +4 Dex; Resist electricity 5; natural weapons deal an extra 1d4 electricity damage


Appearance: a smell of fresh plants or grass, floral scents, green or floral coloration patterns, deep green eyes, a bark like skin.

Subtype: Plant

7th-level: AC: +2 natural; +2 Str, +4 Con; May move through plants or underbrush (even magically affected) without penalty; DR 2/-


Appearance: Blue streaks of coloration, a slight dampness, eyes are like pools of water.

Subtype: Water

7th-level: AC: +2 Dodge; +2 Strength, +2 Dex, +2 Con; Able to breathe underwater and gain or improve their swim speed by 20 ft.

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