Packmaster (Legendary Hunter Archetype)

Typical hunters form one strong bond with a companion animal, but that is not the rule. Some form whole packs or coteries of animals.

Pack Bond

A packmaster can have multiple animal companions, but they must divide their effective level between the animal companions to determine the abilities of each one. For example, a 4th-level packmaster can have two companions, one with 3 effective levels and the other with 1 effective level, two companions, each with 2 effective levels, or up to 4 animal companions with 1 effective level.

When the packmaster levels up they must decide how to allocate the new level among the existing animal companions or to add a new 1st-level animal companion. Once the decision is made the effective level cannot be redistributed while that animal companion is alive and/or in the service of the packmaster. If that animal companion dies or is released from service, the hunter may reallocate the effective level(s) when they regain their spell slots for the day.

Any ability that affects an animal companion, like share spells, natural stride, etc. can only affect one animal companion at a time. The packmaster may change which animal companion is receiving the benefit of the abilities as a swift action. This does not apply to companion training or tandem actions, see below.

This replaces animal companion but may be combined with other archetypes that modify or replace this ability.

Pack Training

The hunter may apply any companion to their animal companions but must make an individual Handle Animal skill check as a Swift action. As a character may only make one swift action per round, only one companion training can be activated for one animal companion in any one round.

Each animal companion may have a different training applied.

This alters companion training but may be combined with other archetypes that modify or replace this ability.

Tandem Actions

Any tandem training that requires an action to direct an animal companion still only applies to one animal companion. Any other tandem action can only be activated by the packmaster and one animal companion at a time. For example, if the packmaster and their companions are using the Stealth skill and the pack stalking tandem action is triggered, the packmaster and only one of the animal companions are affected by the ability. Which animal companion is affected is chosen at the time the tandem action is triggered.

This alters tandem actions but may be combined with other archetypes that modify or replace this ability.

Master of the Pack

At 20th level, a packmaster and their animal companions can always move at full speed while using Survival to follow tracks without penalty. The packmaster may also activate a single companion training for multiple or all of the animal companions with one swift action. Additionally if any animal companion qualifies for a tandem action, they get the benefit.

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