Outer Hunter (Legendary Hunter Archetype)

A connection to the primal magics of the world are innate to the hunter and their connection to their companion. Some hunters however draw power from other sources beyond the natural. Once these outer hunters suffuse themselves with arcane magics, they and their companions are inexorably changed.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: An outer hunter is no longer proficient with medium armor and shields. However, they are able to cast their arcane spells in light armor without any arcane spell failure chance. This ability alters armor and weapon proficiency.

Skills: An outer hunter gains Knowledge (arcana) and Knowledge (planes) as class skills. This ability alters class skills.


An outer hunter casts spells as a normal legendary hunter with the following exceptions: An outer hunter casts arcane spells drawn from the unchained summoner spell list. The ability score for determining DCs and qualifying for casting or learning spells is Charisma. Orisons are replaced with cantrips.

Additionally, the outer hunter may use any spell- completion or spell-trigger items of spells on the unchained summoner spell list without requiring a Use Magic Device check.

This ability alters hunter spellcasting

Outer Empathy

An outer hunter is skilled in speaking with unnatural creatures. They can speak with any creature with the magical beast, outsider or aberration type with an Intelligence score of 1 or 2 or communicate with them as if he spoke their language if they don’t have one. This innate connection allows the outer hunter to use Diplomacy or Handle Animal checks with magical beast, outsider or aberration type with an Intelligence score of 1 or 2. Additionally, they gain a bonus equal to half their class level (minimum 1) to their Diplomacy checks against such creatures when they attempt to influence the creature’s attitude.

At 9th level, the outer hunter may make a Diplomacy check on a magical beast, outsider or aberration with an Intelligence score of 1 or 2, DC 10 + the HD of the target creature. If the creature is currently in combat with the outer hunter or their allies, the DC increases by 5. If the Diplomacy check succeeds, the creature is charmed per the charm monster spell. The duration for the effect is 1 day. When the spell expires, the target has their disposition lowered by one step because they innately feel the manipulation.

At 17th level, the outer hunter may elect to dominate the target per the dominate monster spell. The duration of the effect is 1 day and when the spell expires, the disposition of the target is reduced by two steps as they know on some level that they were dominated.

This ability replaces Beast-Friend.

Outer Companion

An outer hunter’s companion is not just set apart from its kin in its training and power, it also bears the marks and changes from an outside influence. The animal companion is still chosen from the list available from druids and progresses as a normal animal companion but gains an evolution pool equal to an eidolon using the unchained summoner eidolon progression table. The animal companion still gains its normal advancement at the level listed in its description. Additionally, the companion’s type either changes to aberration or outsider (native), chosen at the time the companion is acquired. The companion qualifies for any evolution that is restricted to a specific type of eidolon as long as the evolution would be compatible with the type chosen at acquisition. Once an evolution is taken with a restriction, the companion gains the subtypes of the eidolon that would qualify for the evolution, further restricting later evolutions. Finally, outer hunter levels qualify as unchained summoner levels for qualifying for evolutions.

This ability alters Animal Companion.

Superior Animal Companion

In addition to the normal choices available at 7th level and every 4th level thereafter, the outer hunter may also choose to add 1 extra evolution point to their companion.

This ability alters Superior Animal Companion.

One with the Outside (Ex)

At 17th level, the hunter and her animal companion are respected or even feared by other creatures, so long as the creatures are magical beasts, or aberrations and outsiders with aspects similar to the animal companion’s evolutions, and the creature has an Intelligence score of 1 or 2. No qualifying creature willingly attacks the hunter or their companion unless magically compelled to or if the hunter or companion attacks it first.

The hunter and their companion can attempt to demoralize creatures in the appropriate category as a swift action, rolling 1d20 and adding the hunter’s level and her Charisma modifier to determine the Intimidate check result.

This ability replaces One with the Wild

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