Legendary Fighter Weapon Groups

A weapon group is a category of related weapons that are wielded utilizing similar mechanical techniques.

Weapon groups are defined as follows:

Axes: bardiche, battleaxe, boarding axe, butchering axe, collapsible kumade, dwarven double waraxe, dwarven longaxe, dwarven maulaxe, dwarven waraxe, gandasa, greataxe, handaxe, heavy pick, hooked axe, hurlbat, knuckle axe, kumade, light pick, mattock, orc double axe, pata, throwing axe, tongi.

Blades, Heavy: ankus, bastard sword, chainsaw, cutlass, double chicken saber, double walking stick katana, dueling sword*, elven curve blade, elven thornblade, estoc, falcata, falchion, flambard, great terbutje, greatsword, katana, khopesh, longsword, nine-ring broadsword, nodachi, null blade, plasma blade, rhoka sword, rhomphaia, sawtooth sabre, scimitar, scythe, seven-branched sword, sharpened combat scabbard, shotel, sicklesword, spinal sword*, switchscythe, temple sword, terbutje, two-bladed sword.

Blades, Light: bayonet, blade boot, brass knife, butterfly knife, butterfly sword, chakram, dagger, deer horn knife, dogslicer, drow razor, dueling dagger, elven leafblade, gladius, hunga munga, kama, kerambit, kukri, kunai, laser torch, machete, manople, pata, quadrens, rapier, sanpkhang, scizore, seaknife, short sword, sica, sickle, spider-leg sickle, spiral rapier, spring blade, starknife, switchblade knife, sword cane, swordbreaker dagger, tailblade, wakizashi, war razor.

Close: barbazu beard, bayonet, belaying pin, blade boot, brass knuckles, cestus, claw blades, dan bong, dwarven boulder helm, dwarven war-shield, emei piercer, fighting fan, garrote, gauntlet, heavy shield, heavy spiked shield, hook hand, iron brush, klar, knuckle axe, light shield, light spiked shield, madu, mere club, punching dagger, rope gauntlet, sap, scizore, spiked armor, spiked gauntlet, tekko-kagi, thorn bracer, tonfa, tri-bladed katar, unarmed strike, waveblade, wooden stake, wushu dart.

Crossbows: double crossbow, gastraphetes, hand crossbow, heavy crank crossbow, heavy crossbow, heavy slaver’s crossbow, heavy underwater crossbow, heavy wrist launcher, launching crossbow, light crank crossbow, light crossbow, light slaver’s crossbow, light underwater crossbow, repeating hand crossbow, repeating heavy crossbow, repeating light crossbow, stonebow, tube arrow shooter, wrist launcher.

Double: bo staff, boarding gaff, chain spear, chain-hammer, dire flail, double walking stick katana, double-chained kama, dwarven urgrosh, gnome battle ladder, gnome hooked hammer, halfling double sling, kusarigama, monk’s spade, orc double axe, quarterstaff, starfall spade, taiaha, two-bladed sword, weighted spear.

Firearms: all one-handed firearms, two-handed firearms, heavy weaponry, and siege firearms.

Flails: battle poi, bladed scarf, cato’-nine-tails, chain spear, dire flail, dwarven dorn-dergar, flail, flailpole, flickmace, flindbar, flying blade, flying talon, gnome pincher, halfling rope-shot, heavy flail, kusarigama, kyoketsu shoge, meteor hammer, monowhip, nine-section whip, nunchaku, sansetsukon, scorpion whip, spiked chain, urumi, whip.

Hammers: aklys, battle aspergillum, chainhammer, club, combat scabbard, dwarven longhammer, dwarven maulaxe, earth breaker, gnome piston maul, greatclub, hanbo, heavy mace, knobkerrie, lantern staff, light hammer, light mace, mere club, morningstar, neural inhibitor, pickaxe, planson, stun baton, taiaha, tetsubo, wahaika, warhammer.

Monk: bo staff, brass knuckles, butterfly sword, cestus, dan bong, deer horn knife, double chicken saber, emei piercer, fighting fan, hanbo, jutte, kama, kusarigama, kyoketsu shoge, lungchuan tamo, monk’s spade, nine-ring broadsword, ninesection whip, nunchaku, quarterstaff, rope dart, sai, sanpkhang, sansetsukon, seven-branched sword, shang gou, shuriken, siangham, starfall spade, temple sword, tiger fork, tonfa, tri-point double-edged sword, unarmed strike, urumi, wushu dart.

Natural: unarmed strike, tailblade, and all natural weapons (such as bite, claw, gore, tail, and wing).

Polearms: bardiche, bec de corbin, bill, boarding gaff, crook, fauchard, flailpole, glaive, glaive-guisarme, gnome ripsaw glaive, guisarme, halberd, hooked lance, horsechopper, lucerne hammer, mancatcher, monk’s spade, naginata, nodachi, ogre hook, ranseur, rhomphaia, starfall spade, tepoztopilli, tiger fork.

Siege Weapons: ballista, bombard, catapult, corvus, firedrake, firewyrm, gallery, ram, siege tower, springal, trebuchet, and all other siege engines.

Spears: amentum, barbed spear, boar spear, boarding pike, chain spear, doru, elven branched spear, flask pike, harpoon, injection spear, javelin, lance, longspear, orc skull ram, pilum, planson, sarissa, shortspear, sibat, spear, spear-sling, stormshaft javelin, syringe spear, tiger fork, totem spear, trident, weighted spear.

Tail Attachments: long lash tail attachment, pounder tail attachment, razored tail attachment, spiked tail attachment, sweeper tail attachment, tailblade.

Thrown: aklys, amentum, atlatl, belaying pin, blowgun, bolas, boomerang, brass knife, brutal bolas*, chain-hammer, chakram, club, crystal chakram, dagger, dart, deer horn knife, dire bolas, doru, dueling dagger, dwarven maulaxe, flask thrower, grappling hook, halfling double sling, halfling sling staff, harpoon, hunga munga, hurlbat, javelin, jolting dart, kestros, knobkerrie, kunai, lasso, light hammer, net, phaleros, poisoned sand tube, rope dart, shortspear, shrillshaft javelin, shuriken, sibat, sling, sling glove, snag net, spear, starknife, stingchuck, stormshaft javelin, syringe spear, throwing arrow cord, throwing axe, throwing shields, trident, wahaika, wushu dart.

GMs may add other weapons to these groups. For example, there is a case for the dwarven longaxe and dwarven longhammer to be in the polearms weapons group. Given that the bardiche is in the polearms weapon group and it is an axe-like weapon without reach, it might seem reasonable that a longer axe-like weapon with reach (the dwarven longaxe) should also be in the polearms group. Also consider the axe musket, warhammer musket, dagger pistol, and sword cane pistol. A GM could easily rule that a fighter with the axes, hammers, or light blades weapons group should gain bonuses when using these as melee weapons but not when shooting them as firearms.

GMs can also add entirely new groups. These new groups could be racial or cultural in nature and should have roughly the same amount of weapons as the weapon groups listed above. For example: Pirate: belaying pin, boarding axe, boarding gaff, boarding pike, brass knife, cutlass, dagger, hook hand, rapier, all onehanded crossbows, and all one-handed firearms.

Tribal: atlatl, boomerang, club, dagger, dart, greatclub, harpoon*, heavy shield, light shield, mere club*, quarterstaff, shortspear, sling, spear, taiaha, throwing axe, unarmed strike, wahaika.

Here is the source list for all weapons categorized above: At the time of writing, there are 4 main listing of weapons in weapon groups.

Most of the time these sources agree on which weapon groups a specific weapon belongs to. In some cases, later listings added a weapon to additional weapon groups. For example, the Paizo blog added the bo staff, double walking stick katana, kusarigama, monk’s spade, and taiaha to the double weapons group.

This made sense, given these are all double weapons, so we included them as such here.

In many cases when one listing missed putting a weapon in a weapon group, such as Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Equipment not putting the cestus into the close weapon group, we chose an inclusive approach, listing the weapon in all the weapon groups that any source had it categorized as. When several sources differed, we made a logical choice as to which groups a weapon fell into, such as the chakram (a sharp metal disk weighing only 1 lb. with a diameter of around 1 foot) belonging in the light blades group, not the heavy blades group as some sources had it. In a few cases, we corrected errors, such as putting the morningstar (a ‘spiked heavy club’) into the hammers group, not the flails group.

Table: Weapons and Weapon Groups
Name Groups Notes
Aklys Hammers, thrown M
Amentum Spears, thrown M
Ankus Heavy blades 1
Atlatl Thrown M
Barbazu beard Close 1
Barbed spear Spears 1
Bardiche Axes, polearms M
Bastard sword Heavy blades M
Battle aspergillum Hammers M
Battle poi Flails 1
Battleaxe Axes M
Bayonet Light blades, close M
Bec de corbin Polearms M
Belaying pin Close, thrown N
Bill Polearms M
Blade boot Light blades, close 1
Bladed scarf Flails 1
Blowgun Thrown M
Bo staff Double weapons, monk DA
Boar spear Spears M
Boarding axe Axes M
Boarding gaff Double, polearms M
Boarding pike Spears 1
Bolas Thrown M
Boomerang Thrown M
Brass knife Light blades, thrown 1C
Brass knuckles Close, monk M
Brutal bolas* Thrown 1
Butchering axe Axes 1
Butterfly knife Light blades 1
Butterfly sword Light blades, monk M
Cat-o’-nine-tails Flails M
Cestus Close, monk DA
Chain spear Double weapons, flails,1 spears DA
Chain-hammer Double, hammers, thrown 1
Chainsaw Heavy blades N
Chakram Light blades, thrown DC
Claw blades Close N
Club Hammers, thrown M
Collapsible kumade Axes 1
Combat scabbard Hammers 1
Composite longbow Bows M
Composite shortbow Bows M
Crook Polearms 1
Crystal chakram Thrown 1
Cutlass Heavy blades M
Dagger Light blades, thrown M
Dan bong Close, monk M
Dart Thrown M
Deer horn knife Light blades, monk, thrown 1
Dire bolas Thrown 1
Dire flail Double weapons, flails M
Dogslicer Light blades M
Doru Spears, thrown 1
Double chicken saber Heavy blades, monk M
Double crossbow Crossbows M
Double walking stick katana Heavy blades, double weapons DA
Double-chained kama Double weapons M
Drow razor Light blades 1
Dueling dagger Light blades, thrown 1
Dueling sword* Heavy blades 1
Dwarven boulder helm Close 1
Dwarven dorn-dergar Flails M
Dwarven double waraxe Axes DC
Dwarven longaxe Axes MC
Dwarven longhammer Hammers MC
Dwarven maulaxe Axes, hammers, thrown 1C
Dwarven urgrosh Double weapons M
Dwarven waraxe Axes M
Dwarven war-shield Close 1
Earth breaker Hammers M
Elven branched spear Spears 1
Elven curve blade Heavy blades M
Elven leafblade Light blades N
Elven thornblade Heavy blades N
Emei piercer Close, monk M
Estoc Heavy blades 1
Falcata Heavy blades M
Falchion Heavy blades M
Fauchard Polearms M
Fighting fan Close, monk M
Flail Flails M
Flailpole Flails, polearms 1
Flambard Heavy blades 1
Flask pike Spears 1
Flask thrower Thrown M
Flickmace Flails 1
Flindbar Flails 1
Flying blade Flails M
Flying talon Flails M
Gandasa Axes 1
Garrote Close 1
Gastraphetes Crossbows 1
Gauntlet Close M
Gladius Light blades M
Glaive Polearms M
Glaive-guisarme Polearms M
Gnome battle ladder Double M
Gnome hooked hammer Double weapons M
Gnome pincher Flails 1
Gnome piston maul Hammers M
Gnome ripsaw glaive Polearms M
Grappling hook Thrown 1
Great terbutje Heavy blades M
Greataxe Axes M
Greatclub Hammers M
Greatsword Heavy blades M
Guisarme Polearms M
Halberd Polearms M
Halfling double sling Double weapons, thrown 1
Halfling rope-shot Flails 1
Halfling sling staff Thrown M
Hanbo Hammers, monk 1
Hand crossbow Crossbows M
Handaxe Axes M
Harpoon Spears, thrown M
Heavy crank crossbow Crossbows 1
Heavy crossbow Crossbows M
Heavy flail Flails M
Heavy mace Hammers M
Heavy pick Axes M
Heavy shield Close M
Heavy slaver’s crossbow Crossbows 1
Heavy spiked shield Close M
Heavy underwater crossbow Crossbows M
Heavy wrist launcher Crossbows N
Hook hand Close 1
Hooked axe Axes M
Hooked lance Polearms M
Horsechopper Polearms M
Hunga munga Light blades, thrown M
Hurlbat Axes, thrown 1
Injection spear Spears 1
Iron brush Close M
Javelin Spears, thrown M
Jolting dart Thrown 1
Jutte Monk M
Kama Light blades, monk M
Katana Heavy blades M
Kerambit Light blades M
Kestros Thrown M
Khopesh Heavy blades M
Klar Close DC
Knobkerrie Hammers, thrown 1
Knuckle axe Close, axes MC
Kukri Light blades M
Kumade Axes 1
Kunai Light blades, thrown 1
Kusarigama Double weapons, flails, monk DA
Kyoketsu shoge Flails, monk M
Lance Spears M
Lantern staff Hammers 1
Laser torch Light blades N
Lasso Thrown M
Launching crossbow Crossbows 1
Light crank crossbow Crossbows 1
Light crossbow Crossbows M
Light hammer Hammers, thrown M
Light mace Hammers M
Light pick Axes M
Light shield Close M
Light slaver’s crossbow Crossbows 1
Light spiked shield Close M
Light underwater crossbow Crossbows M
Long lash tail attachment Tail attachments 1
Longbow Bows M
Longspear Spears M
Longsword Heavy blades M
Lucerne hammer Polearms M
Lungchuan tamo Monk M
Machete Light blades 1
Madu Close DC
Mancatcher Polearms M
Manople Light blades 1
Mattock Axes M
Mere club Close, hammers DA
Meteor hammer Flails M
Monk’s spade Double weapons, monk, polearms DA
Monowhip Flails N
Morningstar Hammers MC
Musket – axe Firearms 1C
Musket – warhammer Firearms 1C
Naginata Polearms M
Net Thrown M
Neural inhibitor Hammers N
Nine-ring broadsword Heavy blades, monk M
Nine-section whip Flails, monk M
Nodachi Heavy blades, polearms M
Null blade Heavy blades N
Nunchaku Flails, monk M
Ogre hook Polearms M
Orc double axe Axes, double weapons M
Orc hornbow Bows 1
Orc skull ram Spears 1
Pata Axes, light blades DA
Phaleros Thrown 1
Pickaxe Hammers N
Pilum Spears M
Pistol – dagger Firearms 1
Pistol – sword cane Firearms 1
Planson Hammers, spears 1
Plasma blade Heavy blades N
Poisoned sand tube Thrown M
Pounder tail attachment Tail attachments 1
Punching dagger Close M
Quadrens Light blades M
Quarterstaff Double weapons, monk M
Ranseur Polearms M
Rapier Light blades M
Razored tail attachment Tail attachments 1
Repeating hand crossbow Crossbows M
Repeating heavy crossbow Crossbows M
Repeating light crossbow Crossbows M
Rhoka sword Heavy blades M
Rhomphaia Heavy blades, polearms N
Rope dart monk, thrown M
Rope gauntlet Close 1
Sai Monk M
Sanpkhang Light blades, monk 1
Sansetsukon Flails, monk M
Sap Close M
Sarissa Spears 1
Sawtooth sabre Heavy blades DC
Scimitar Heavy blades M
Scizore Close, light blades DA
Scorpion whip Flails M
Scythe Heavy blades M
Sea-knife Light blades M
Seven-branched sword Heavy blades, monk M
Shang gou Monk M
Sharpened combat scabbard Heavy blades 1
Short sword Light blades M
Shortbow Bows M
Shortspear Spears, thrown M
Shotel Heavy blades M
Shrillshaft javelin Thrown 1
Shuriken Monk, thrown M
Siangham Monk M
Sibat Spears, thrown M
Sica Light blades M
Sickle Light blades M
Sickle-sword Heavy blades 1
Sling Thrown M
Sling glove thrown 1
Snag net thrown M
Spear Spears, thrown M
Spear-sling Spears 1
Spider-leg sickle Light blades N
Spiked armor Close M
Spiked chain Flails M
Spiked gauntlet Close M
Spiked tail attachment Tail attachments 1
Spinal sword* Heavy blades 1
Spiral rapier Light blades 1
Spring blade Light blades N
Starfall spade Double weapons, monk, polearms N
Starknife Light blades, thrown M
Stingchuck thrown 1
Stonebow Crossbows 1
Stormshaft javelin Spears, thrown 1
Stun baton Hammers N
Sweeper tail attachment Tail attachments 1
Switchblade knife Light blades 1
Switchscythe Heavy blades M
Sword cane Light blades M
Swordbreaker dagger Light blades M
Syringe spear Spears, thrown 1
Taiaha Double weapons, hammers DA
Tailblade Natural, light blade, tail attachments 1C
Tekko-kagi Close M
Temple sword Heavy blades, monk DA
Tepoztopilli Polearms N
Terbutje Heavy blades M
Tetsubo Hammers M
Thorn bow bows 1
Thorn bracer Close N
Throwing arrow cord thrown 1
Throwing axe Axes, thrown M
Throwing shields thrown M
Tiger fork monk, polearms, spears M
Tonfa Close, monk M
Tongi Axes 1
Totem spear Spears 1
Tri-bladed katar Close 1
Trident Spears, thrown M
Tri-point double-edged sword Monk M
Tube arrow shooter Crossbows M
Two-bladed sword Heavy blades, double weapons M
Unarmed strike Close, monk, natural M
Urumi Flails, monk DA
Wahaika Hammers, thrown DA
Wakizashi Light blades M
War razor Light blades 1
Warhammer Hammers M
Waveblade Close 1
Weighted spear Double weapons, spears 1
Whip Flails M
Wooden stake Close M
Wrist launcher Crossbows N
Wushu dart Close, monk, thrown M

N: New, no previous weapon group listing

1: A single weapon group listing

M: Multiple weapon group listings, all agree

D: Multiple weapon group listings, with differences

A: All groups from all listings

C: Changed weapon group(s)

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