Primordial Disciple (Legendary Cleric Archetype)

The energies of the elements are nigh-infinite, and some among the faithful have learned how to harness them to their own ends. Be they worshipers of mighty elemental entities or esoteric channelers of raw untamed forces, primordial disciples harness the might of creation itself in battle.

Elemental Focus

The primordial disciple must select one of the following domains at 1st level: Air, Earth, Fire, Plant, Void, or Water. For the purpose of their domain abilities, a primordial disciple’s effective kineticist level is always equal to their effective cleric level.

This modifies domains.

Infusions (Su)

At 1st level and every odd level thereafter, the primordial disciple gains an infusion wild talent or utility wild talent from the list of options available based on their elemental focus, treating their legendary cleric level as their effective kineticist level and being able to spend faith points in place of taking burn. At 5th, 11th, and 17th levels, a primordial disciple can replace one of their infusions or wild talents with another infusion or wild talent of the same effective spell level or lower. They can’t replace an infusion that they used to qualify for another of their wild talents.

This replaces channel energy.

Elemental Fortifications

At 2nd level, the primordial disciple gains the elemental defense corresponding to the element from their 1st-level domain.

At 6th, 10th, and 14th levels, the primordial disciple selects a new utility wild talent from the list of options available to them. A primordial can select only universal wild talents or those that match their element from their domain. As with their domain abilities, a primordial disciple can spend faith in place of suffering burn to fuel these abilities.

This replaces blessing of the faith.

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