Planar Envoy (Legendary Cleric Archetype)

Planar envoys commune directly with the otherworldly powers of Heaven, Hell, or whatever other eternal realms stretch across the multiverse. Calling upon the aid of outsiders in combat as well as diplomacy, planar envoys embody the might of the outer planes.

Planar Alliance (Su)

At 1st level, the planar envoy gains a familiar as a wizard of their class level. In addition, they treat all summon monster spells as domain spells, their effective spell level being equal to their level on the sorcerer/wizard spell list.

  • At 4th level, the planar envoy gains Augment Summoning as a bonus feat even if they do not meet the prerequisites. In addition, they may spend a faith point as part of casting a summon monster spell to reduce the casting time to a standard action.
  • At 8th level, the planar envoy gains Improved Familiar as a bonus feat. By spending a faith point as a standard action, the planar envoy may grant their familiar the Guardian Spirit template for a number of minutes equal to their planar envoy level. The effective conjuration spell level for the purpose of determining the effects of the Guardian Spirit template is equal to half the planar envoy’s level.
  • At 12th level, the planar envoy adds lesser planar binding, planar binding, and greater planar binding to their spell list (as 4th, 6th, and 8th-level spells, respectively). In addition, they may spend a faith point as part of casting any planar binding spell to gain a +2 bonus on Charisma checks or as part of casting any planar ally spell to reduce the cost of payment by 20%.
  • At 16th level, the planar envoy may spend a faith point as part of casting a conjuration (summoning) spell in order to summon one additional creature of the same kind.

This replaces the domain gained at 1st level. A planar envoy with the embodiment archetype gains the Conjuration sphere (or a talent from that sphere) at 1st level and an additional conjuration sphere talent at 4th, 8th, 12th, and 16th levels in place of the benefits listed above. For the domain connection ability, they may select talents from the conjuration or fate spheres. A planar envoy may select another archetype which replaces domain abilities at specific levels, replacing the corresponding abilities gained from this class feature.

Planar Channeling (Su)

At 1st level, the planar envoy gains Alignment Channel as a bonus feat, but must spend a faith point or an additional use of channel energy to use channel energy without affecting it with the Alignment Channel feat. By spending a faith point, the planar envoy may have their alignment channel affect all creatures of the specified alignment, not just outsiders with the specified alignment subtype.

At 8th level, when the planar envoy spends a faith point in this way when using Alignment Channel, creatures that fail their saving throw against being damaged become sickened for a number of rounds equal to the planar envoy’s Wisdom modifier.

This modifies channel energy.

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