Generalist Disciple (Legendary Cleric Archetype)

Note: This archetype makes use of alternate magic rules via Spheres of Power.

Having studied a wide variety of doctrines and dogmas, generalist disciples have learned to take up a wide variety of mantles as the situation demands. They can be found in numerous different positions fulfilling whatever role is most appropriate for the occasion.

Versatile Domain (Su)

At 2nd level, the generalist disciple gains the ability to exchange any domains or doctrines they possess for any other domains or doctrines they wish whenever they regain their spells after resting. This causes domain spells to be exchanged as well.

  • At 10th level, the generalist disciple may spend two faith points as a full-round action to exchange one domain (and corresponding doctrine) for any one other domain or doctrine.
  • At 20th level, the generalist disciple no longer needs to spend faith points to change domains and may do so as a swift action rather than a full-round action.

This alters domains and replaces blessing of the faith and true faith. If the generalist disciple also possesses the embodiment archetype, they do not gain the domain connection ability. Rather, they gain an additional magic talent from any sphere at 1st level and every odd level thereafter.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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