Faithless (Legendary Cleric Archetype)

It is possible for skilled or lucky spellcasters to draw upon divine powers even when they lack faith in their doctrine. Some draw this power from dead divinities whose energies still echo across the cosmos, while others leech of the faith of others to fulfill their own intentions.

Beholden to Nothing (Su)

A faithless cannot lose their legendary cleric spellcasting ability as a result of violating the tenets of their doctrine or changing their alignment.

Obscured Aura (Su)

A faithless never radiates an alignment aura, as if under the effect of a permanent undetectable alignment spell.

This replaces the cleric’s aura.

Ruinous Channel (Su)

The perverse powers of a faithless offer only capacity for destruction. A faithless can channel ruin as a legendary cleric channels negative or positive energy, releasing a wave of twisting void that harms creatures in the area of effect. The amount of damage dealt is equal to that an evil cleric of their level would deal by channeling negative energy, except it affects living, unliving, and undead creatures alike. This functions in all other ways as a cleric’s channel energy class feature, including benefiting from feats that affect channel energy (such as Selective Channeling).

This alters channel energy.

Hollow Faith (Su)

A faithless does not possess any faith points and does not gain them when they would regain spells as a normal cleric. However, a faithless may expend a use of channel energy or a prepared spell as a free action to gain temporary faith points which last for 1 minute. The number of faith points gained is equal to half the level of the expended spell (minimum 1) or 1 if a use of channel energy is expended. A faithless cannot expend cantrips to gain temporary faith. A faithless with the embodiment archetype may spend a spell point to gain 1 temporary faith point.

This alters faith.

Magic Sink (Su)

At 2nd level, the faithless’ form behaves in such a way that miracles around them are negated. The faithless gains spell resistance equal to 6 + their faithless level. They may lower this spell resistance for one round as a move action.

  • At 6th level, whenever a creature fails to overcome the faithless’ spell resistance, the faithless gains a single temporary faith point that lasts for one round.
  • At 10th level, the faithless’ spell resistance improves to 11 + their character level.
  • At 14th level, whenever a creature fails to overcome the faithless’ spell resistance, the faithless can forgo gaining a faith point to gain the ability to use the spell negated by their spell resistance once within the next round. The effect uses the faithless’ caster level and Wisdom score to determine the save DC.

This replaces blessing of the faith.

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