Evangelist (Legendary Cleric Archetype)

Note: This archetype makes use of alternate magic rules via Spheres of Power.

The power of faith, according to some, lies not in miracles but rather in the inspiration and guidance of the masses. Evangelists embody this approach with their honeyed words and awesome performances, rallying allies and cowing enemies.

Public Speaker (Ex)

An evangelist gains Perform as a class skill. In addition, they are trained to project their voice with great skill and effect; the DC to hear them speak in difficult conditions is reduced by an amount equal to their class level plus their Wisdom modifier (minimum 0).

Evangelist’s Performance (Su)

An evangelist gains the ability to deliver a select number of supernatural and spell-like performances through the force and power of her divinely inspired preaching and exhortation. This ability is similar in all respects to bardic performance as used by a bard of the same level (including interactions with feats, spells, and prestige classes), using the evangelist’s Wisdom modifier in place of Charisma for all purposes. An evangelist does not gain a pool of faith points but can spend three rounds of performance in place of a faith point for any effect.

  • At 1st level, the evangelist can use the following bardic performances: countersong, distraction, fascinate, and inspire courage.
  • At 4th level, the evangelist gains the ability to use inspire competence
  • At 8th level, the evangelist gains the ability to use suggestion and dirge of doom
  • At 12th level, the evangelist gains the ability to use inspire greatness and soothing performance
  • At 16th level, the evangelist gains the ability to use frightening tune and inspire heroics

This modifies faith and replaces the domain gained at 1st level.

Songs of the Faith

An evangelist can cast the following spells as domain spells of the corresponding levels. If the evangelist possesses the embodiment archetype, they instead gain a talent from the War sphere or Warleader sphere at 1st level and every even level thereafter.

1stsaving finale
3rdpurging finale
4th-exquisite accompaniment
5th-virtuoso performance
6thheroic finale
8thdeadly finale
9thpied piping

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