Legendary Order of the Green

A legendary cavalier who belongs to this order is dedicated to nature in all her many forms. They respect the beauty in the songbird and the strength in the old oak. Their goal is for all to find their place in the natural order.

Edicts: Legendary cavaliers of the Order of the Green must strive to find balance in nature. The goals of Order of the Green are, in order: Nature’s stability, protection of species of beasts and plants, and finally harmony between those of nature and those outside it.

Note that the Order of the Green’s edicts does not restrict them from taking actions against creatures of the natural order. In fact, because their first concern is stability they should seek out invasive species and creatures who are growing out of control and try to find a way that species can live in harmony with the nature around it or else prune their numbers. However, they cannot take actions to eliminate a species without dire necessity.

Signature Skill: Survival

Unique Aura: Tracker: All allies reduce the penalties for moving quickly on Stealth and Survival checks by 4.

When they use this ability on Survival checks to track they only need to activate it for 1 round to make the check itself. At 4th level and every three levels afterwards they reduce the penalty by an additional 3. At 19th level, they never suffer penalties for moving quickly on Stealth and Survival checks.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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