Trance Brawler

The trance brawler’s strength isn’t evident at first.

However, they are able to enter an altered state of mind that briefly enhances their physical prowess. It’s speculated that they are psychically sensitive individuals who can allow the spirits of great warriors to possess them temporarily, while others believe their trance to be a manifestation of an alternate personality, or simply a state of mind in which their inhibitions are lowered.

Warrior Instinct (Ex)

The trance brawler counts their total trance brawler level as both barbarian and monk levels for the purpose of qualifying for feats. They also count as both a barbarian and a monk for feats and magic items that have different effects based on if they possess levels in those classes. If the trance brawler possesses levels as a barbarian or fighter, these levels stack with the effective levels this ability provides.

This replaces martial training.

Trance (Ex)

At 1st level, the trance brawler can enter a state of altered battle prowess. This functions in all ways as and counts a barbarian’s rage, except they can enter this state for a number of rounds equal to 2 + their Wisdom modifier + 2 per trance brawler level they possess, and while in this state, their alignment temporarily shifts one step closer to Chaotic (this does not cause them to permanently change alignment from Lawful to Neutral or from Neutral to Chaotic, regardless of their actions while in a trance). A trance brawler can only benefit from their close weapon mastery, martial flexibility, and unarmed strike class features and can only use their awesome blow, brawler’s flurry, and knockout abilities while in a trance.

At 11th level, this instead functions as greater rage, and at 20th level this instead functions as mighty rage.

This replaces maneuver training and alters awesome blow, brawler’s flurry, close weapon mastery, knockout, martial flexibility, and unarmed strike.

Archetypes which replace a class feature this ability alters can be taken alongside this archetype, but any class features which replace those which this class feature normally alters can only be used while the trance brawler is in a trance.

Entranced Fury (Ex)

At 2nd level and every third level thereafter, the trance brawler selects a rage power, using their trance brawler levels as barbarian levels to meet its prerequisites and determine its effects. These rage powers only function while the trance brawler is in a trance, even if they would normally function for a barbarian outside of a rage.

This replaces bonus combat feats.

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