Brawlers are known for their strength and their ability to improvise but are seldom seen as figurative pack mules within their adventuring parties. The sumpter, however, can use their hoarding tendencies to their advantage, turning a sack full of loot into an unexpected weapon.

Pack Mule (Ex)

At 1st level, the sumpter treats their Strength as 2 higher for the purpose of determining their carrying capacity. This increases by an additional 2 at 4th level and every third level thereafter (to a maximum of 14 at 19th level). This does not increase their actual Strength, and does not stack with other effects or items which would increase their carrying capacity (such as an ant haul spell or muleback cords).

At 6th level, a sumpter reduces the ability check penalty for carrying a medium load by 1 or a heavy load by 2. At 12th level, they instead reduce these penalties by 2 and 4 respectively, do not suffer a penalty to movement speed for carrying a medium load, and treat their maximum Dexterity bonus as +5 while carrying a medium load or +3 when carrying a heavy load. At 18th level, the sumpter suffers no penalties from carrying a medium or heavy load, has no maximum Dexterity bonus when carrying a medium load, and has a maximum Dexterity bonus of +5 when carrying a heavy load. This ability does not affect encumbrance penalties incurred by wearing medium or heavy armor.

This replaces brawler’s strike and maneuver training.

Big Bag of Pain (Ex)

At 1st level, a sumpter becomes adept at using heavy baggage as a weapon. They start play with a satchel filled with sand, tree limbs, rocks, and/or other debris equal to their maximum light load; both the satchel and the debris within are without significant monetary value. They can use any non-magical bag or satchel carrying items with a total weight of at least their maximum light load as a sap appropriate for their size. If the total weight within it is at least equal to the sumpter’s maximum medium load, it is treated as a sap one size category larger than the sumpter, and if the total weight is at least equal to the sumpter’s maximum heavy load, it is treated as a sap two size categories larger than the sumpter. The sumpter is always treated as bipedal to determine their maximum load for this purpose and does not suffer a penalty on their attack roll for wielding an inappropriately-sized weapon when wielding a bag or satchel in this way.

This replaces unarmed strikes.

Hoarder (Ex)

At 2nd level, a sumpter can scavenge areas to fill their bag or satchel with valueless debris (such as rocks, sand, or branches). Once per day, the sumpter can spend 1 hour to fill their bag with debris weighing as much as their maximum light load. They can never fill their bag with debris weighing more than their maximum light load in this way (though they can still carry objects with value in their bag to increase its weight). They treat themselves as bipedal to determine their maximum load for this purpose.

This replaces AC bonus.

Close Weapon Mastery (Ex)

This ability only affects saps. It otherwise functions as the brawler ability.

This alters close weapon mastery.

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