Prize Fighter

Many brawlers use their talents to gain fame and fortune, putting themselves in gladiatorial contests and seeking to entertain and inspire the common man with their incredible fighting prowess.

Class Skills

The prize fighter gains Perform (act and dance) as class skills. This alters the brawler’s class skills.

Showmanship (Ex)

The prize fighter practices their performance abilities even outside the ring. They treat regular combat as performance combat, allowing them to make performance checks, use performance feats, and take bonuses and penalties based on the crowd’s reaction even if no crowd is present. If the combat would normally be a regular combat, only the prize fighter benefits from treating it as a performance combat. Each combat starts with the crowd’s attitude as indifferent, and the CR of the combat determines the DCs of the prize fighter’s performance checks:

Starting Attitude DC to Improve Attitude
Hostile 15 + CR
Unfriendly 10 + CR
Indifferent 5 + CR
Friendly 10 + CR
Helpful 15 + CR

In addition, at 1st level, the prize fighter selects to be either a face or a heel; only non-evil prize fighters can choose to become a face, and only non-good prize fighters can choose to become a heel. A face receives double the normal bonuses and penalties based on the crowd’s attitude toward them. A heel benefits from hostile crowds as if they were helpful, and from unfriendly crowds as if they were friendly. A prize fighter who could choose to be either a face or heel can change this choice each time they increase their prize fighter level.

This ability replaces AC bonus and martial training.

Performance Flexibility (Ex)

When using the martial flexibility ability, the prize fighter can select performance feats in addition to combat feats.

This alters martial flexibility.

Dirty Combat (Ex)

At 2nd level, the prize fighter gains Improved Dirty Trick as a bonus feat. At 8th level they gain Greater Dirty Trick as a bonus feat. They ignore the prerequisites for both of these feats when gaining them this way. In addition, they can replace any attack in a brawler’s flurry with a dirty trick combat maneuver, and once per round can deal damage with a successful dirty trick combat maneuver used as part of a brawler’s 46 flurry as if they had struck the foe with a normal melee attack with an unarmed strike or their equipped weapon.

This alters brawler’s flurry and replaces the bonus combat feats gained at 2nd and 8th levels.

Signature Moves (Ex)

When successfully hitting with a knockout or awesome blow combat maneuver, the prize fighter can make a performance check to improve or worsen (at their choice) the crowd’s attitude toward them as a swift action.

This alters knockout and awesome blow.

Performance Weapon Mastery (Ex)

The prize fighter’s close weapon Mastery only works for close weapons with the monk or performance qualities, and they treat all weapons that are part of both the close and monk fighter weapon groups as having the performance quality.

This alters close weapon mastery.

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