Lethal Study

Not all brawlers live out the stereotype of an unlearned brute. Many are quite avid scholars, and despite not having innate spellcasting power, study how to activate magical objects and read scrolls in their possession.

At their core, though, the lethal study is still built for battle, and has learned to treat their wands not only as magical implements, but tools of war.

Class Skills

The lethal study adds Use Magic Device to their list of class skills.

This alters class skills.

Magic Studies (Ex)

While the lethal study is not a spellcaster, they do study magic. At 1st level, select one of the following classes: bard, hunter, inquisitor, magus, mesmerist, spiritualist, warpriest. The lethal study is able to use spell completion and spell trigger items as if they had all of the chosen class’s spells up to 6th level on their spell list and as if they possessed a number of levels in that class equal to their lethal study levels.

This replaces martial training.

Free-casting (Sp)

The lethal study can choose one 0th level spell from the spell list of the class chosen for their magic studies ability. They can use this spell at will as a spell-like ability, using their lethal study levels as their caster level. At 7th and 14th levels, they add one additional 0th level spell from that class’s spell list to those they can use at will as spell-like abilities. If the lethal study chose an arcane spellcaster class for their magic studies ability, this ability counts as cantrips for all purposes; if they chose a divine spellcaster it counts as orisons, or if they chose a psychic spellcaster it counts as knacks.

This replaces martial flexibility.

Wand Warrior (Ex)

At 2nd level, a lethal study gains Arcane Strike as a bonus feat, and at 8th level, they gain Riving Strike as a bonus feat. A lethal study treats their brawler levels their caster level to determine the bonus damage dealt when using Arcane Strike.

At 5th level, the lethal study gains Craft Wand as a bonus feat. They do not need to have prepared or know a spell to make a wand which contains it, and the act of creating a wand does not require them to trigger the spell, but they must possess it on their spell list of the class chosen for their magic studies ability and its spell level cannot be higher than ? their lethal study level.

This replaces bonus combat feats gained at 2nd, 5th, and 8th levels.

Wand Strike (Ex)

A lethal study can use wands as melee weapons. Wands are treated as light weapons 45 with the fragile quality which deal 1d4 bludgeoning or piercing damage, and with a critical threat range of 20 and multiplier of x2 (wands retain the negative effects of the fragile quality despite being magical items). A lethal study is always considered proficient with wands, and can select wands as a type of weapon or as a fighter weapon group for feats which require it (such as Weapon Focus or Martial Focus). Wands used this way can only be wielded in the lethal study’s offhand.

At 5th level, when they successfully hit with a wand containing a spell on the spell list of the class chosen for their magic studies ability, the lethal study can expend one charge from it as a free action to have that attack use their unarmed strike damage instead of its base damage; they must announce this before rolling for damage. They can also choose to expend three charges from it as a free action to deliver the effects of the spell held in it; this can only be done if the spell held in the wand would require an attack roll, and only if the spell’s level is no more than ? their lethal study level. Each of these abilities can be used once for each time the lethal study hits a target with a wand. They treat weapons which contain wands (as per the weaponwand spell) as wands for this purpose.

This replaces brawler’s strike and close weapon mastery.

Note: In campaigns where crafting feats are not made available to player characters, a lethal study gains Wand Dancer rather than Craft Wand as a bonus feat.

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