The awesome blow technique is something most brawlers cannot master until late into their careers. The knocker studies this technique to the exclusion of all others and is capable of not only using this special ability long before other brawlers, but with much more finesse, enabling them to position foes however they will it.

Weakened Strikes: While the knocker is adept at putting a lot of power behind their strikes, that power becomes more dispersed due to them using it to push rather than damage. The knocker treats their effective monk level as 1/2 their knocker level (minimum 1) to determine the damage dealt by unarmed strikes, and as ½ their knocker level -2 (minimum 1) to determine the damage dealt by close weapons due to close weapon mastery.

This alters unarmed strikes and close weapon mastery.

Awesome Blow (Ex)

A knocker can perform this combat maneuver at 4th level rather than 16th. However, rather than always pushing a target back 10 feet, they push the target back 5 feet per 4 knocker levels they possess (up to 25 feet at 20th level).

This ability replaces knockout and maneuver training and alters awesome blow. Once selected, awesome blow cannot be replaced (or altered).

Improved Awesome Blow (Ex)

A knocker gains this ability at 8th level rather than 20th. In addition, the knocker can choose to reduce the distance they push their target by 5 feet to treat their effective monk level as 2 higher to determine the damage dealt by their attack.

This effect can be used multiple times on the same awesome blow combat maneuver with the increases to effective monk level stacking, but the knocker cannot reduce the distance they push their target with an awesome blow to less than 5 feet this way.

When using multiple awesome blows in a single round, the combined distance the knocker can push back all targets during that round with this ability cannot exceed twice the distance their awesome blow can normally push a single target before accounting for distance reduction through this ability. For example, if a 12th level knocker performs a brawler’s flurry and uses all of their attacks as awesome blows, they could force two individual targets back by 15 feet each, three targets by 10 feet each, six targets by 5 feet each, or any other combination which would add up to a total of 30 feet without pushing each affected target more than 15 feet.

This alters improved awesome blow.

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