Cursed Pugilist

Some brawlers, in their hunger for strength, beseech higher powers to grant them the gift of incredible might, no matter the price they must pay. The cursed pugilist mirrors oracles in that they gain mysterious abilities and can eventually even turn their weaknesses into strengths, but where the oracle has great magical talent gifted to them, cursed pugilists use their powers to augment and enhance their martial skill to its fullest.

Curse (Su)

At 1st level, the cursed pugilist gains an oracle’s curse, as per the oracle class feature. They treat their effective oracle level as one-half their brawler level (minimum 1st) to determine its effects. If the cursed pugilist possesses effective oracle levels from another source, those levels stack. They cannot add spells to their spell lists through this ability. This ability replaces martial training.

Mystery (Su)

At 1st level, the cursed pugilist gains a mystery, as per the oracle class feature. They do not gain spells from their mystery. If they already possess levels or later gain levels in a class with the mystery class feature, this must be the same mystery, and their brawler levels stack with levels in that class to determine the benefits granted by their mystery, including gaining, qualifying for, and improving the effects of revelations. This ability replaces AC bonus.

Mysterious Flexibility (Su)

This functions as martial flexibility, except instead of selecting combat feats, the cursed pugilist can select revelations from the list of those available to their mystery. They can only use this ability once per round. The cursed pugilist’s effective oracle level is treated as equal to their cursed pugilist level to determine their revelations’ DCs and effects, and if they meet the prerequisites; if the cursed pugilist possesses levels as an oracle, they stack with their cursed pugilist levels for this purpose. This counts as possessing the revelations class feature for the purpose of meeting the prerequisites for feats. This ability replaces martial flexibility.

Bonus Feats: In addition to combat feats which affect or improve the cursed pugilist’s defenses or melee attacks, they can select feats for which the curse, mystery, or revelations class features are a prerequisite as bonus feats. They must still meet the prerequisites for such feats. This alters bonus combat feats.

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