Combat Sibyl (Changeling Racial Archetype)

Changelings have a long-known connection to magical powers thanks to their hag blood. While most take to their maternal favor toward witchcraft or other forms of dark sorcery, the combat sibyl’s magical potential is routed into telekinetic control over her weapons and foes.


A combat sibyl learns psychic spells from the Medium spell list, though she can cast one fewer spell per day of each level, and she knows one fewer spell of each level than a Medium of her level. If this would cause her to have 0 spells per day of a certain level, she can only cast spells of that level if she would have bonus spells per day. A combat sibyl uses her Charisma score for all purposes related to spellcasting, including bonus spells, the minimum score needed to cast a spell, save DCs, and concentration checks.

At 1st level, the combat sibyl adds mage hand to her spells known as a 0—level spell. At 13th level, she adds telekinesis to her spells known as a 4th level spell. These spells are in addition to those she would normally gain at those levels. In addition, she adds martial telekinesis and telekinetic maneuver to her spell list as 3rd level spells, but does not automatically gain these spells.

Patron: In addition to telekinetic power, the combat sibyl has limited command over the powers granted by her mother’s patron. She selects a patron, as per the witch class feature, but adds spells to her spells known and spell list at a delayed rate: the spells that would be gained normally at 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th levels are instead gained at 3rd, 8th, 13th, and 18th levels, and are treated as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th level spells, respectively.

She does not gain the spells a witch would normally gain at 10th level or higher this way.

This replaces maneuver training.

Martial Instinct: At 1st level, a combat sibyl counts her total brawler levels as fighter levels for the purpose of qualifying for feats and determining the effects of feats and magic items which have different effects depending on if a character has levels as a fighter. If she possesses levels as a fighter, these levels stack.

This alters martial training.

Suppressed Ancestry: The physical aspects of a combat sibyl’s hag parentage are a bit less pronounced than in most changelings.

She does not gain the claws racial trait, nor can she select any alternate racial trait which would replace the claws racial trait.

Telekinetic Flurry (Sp)

A combat sibyl can give up the first attack of her brawler’s flurry to instead cast mage hand or a sustained force version of telekinesis (if she knows telekinesis) on a single light or one-handed melee weapon she is wielding which is within the spell’s weight limit and with which she is both proficient and able to perform a brawler’s flurry. Instead of the spell’s normal effects, this allows her to make the remaining attacks in her flurry against any target within the spell’s range, but only with that weapon. She treats her weapon as having a range increment equal to her chosen spell’s range to determine ranged attack penalties, but otherwise treats these as melee weapon attacks. She cannot select unarmed strikes or a natural weapon in this way. When using a telekinetic flurry, she adds her Charisma modifier to her attack and damage rolls rather than her Strength or Dexterity modifiers.

The combat sibyl must maintain line of sight and line of effect to both her weapon and targets of her flurry, and if the spell is dispelled or line of sight or effect with her weapon is broken and it is not in her hand, it falls to the ground. Otherwise, her weapon teleports back into her hand after she makes the last attack in her flurry. If the combat sibyl knows martial telekinesis, she can give up the first attack of her brawler’s flurry to cast this spell. Instead of the spell’s normal effects, this allows her to make the remaining attacks in this flurry against any target within the spell’s range with only unarmed strikes (in the form of waves of force). This otherwise functions the same as a telekinetic flurry used with telekinesis. If the combat sibyl knows telekinetic maneuvers or telekinesis, she can give up the first two attacks in her flurry to cast telekinetic maneuvers or the violent thrust version of telekinesis as part of her flurry. This can be done once per flurry.

Any spell cast with this ability still expends a spell slot of a level appropriate to the spell, and cannot have metamagic feats applied to it.

This alters brawler’s flurry and replaces AC bonus.

Telekinetic Knockout (Su)

A combat sibyl can use her knockout ability on targets within range of her mage hand and can use her Charisma modifier in place of her Strength or Dexterity modifier to determine its DC.

However, for each 5 feet between her and the target, she suffers a -1 penalty to the DC of her knockout ability.

This alters knockout.

Foe Fling (Sp)

Starting at 5th level, as a full-round action, a combat sibyl can select a creature to entrap with her telekinetic powers, able to use it as a weapon.

This functions as the enemy hammer spell, except the size of creature she can use as a weapon is limited by her level and the ability’s range is 25 feet plus 5 feet per two combat sibyl levels. At 5th level she can use this ability on Diminutive or smaller creatures, and she can use it on a creature one size category larger for every other combat sibyl level beyond 5th she possesses (for example, she can use Tiny creatures at 7th, Small creatures at 9th, Medium creatures at 11th, and so on). In addition, once this effect ends, its target becomes immune to this ability for the next 24 hours.

This replaces brawler’s strike, awesome blow, and improved awesome blow.

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