Cannon Striker

While most brawlers get up close and personal, some will instead fight from a distance using the largest, most intimidating firearms they can find.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

A cannon striker is proficient in all simple weapons and firearms. They are proficient in light armor, but not shields.

This alters the brawler’s weapon and armor proficiencies.

Gunner’s Training (Ex)

A cannon striker treats his brawler class levels as both gunslinger and monk levels for the purpose of qualifying for feats. They also count as both a gunslinger and a monk for feats and magic items that have different effects based on if they possess levels in those classes.

At 1st level, the cannon striker gains Gunsmithing as a bonus feat. They also receive a battered firearm (their choice of blunderbuss or musket); all other creatures treat this gun as having the broken condition, and if it is already broken, it simply does not work for other creatures trying to use it. This firearm can be sold for scrap (it’s worth 4d10 gp when sold).

This replaces martial training and unarmed strike.

Bonus Combat Feats

A cannon striker may only select bonus combat feats that affect their ranged attacks. Alternatively, a cannon striker may select a grit feat in place of a combat feat.

This alters bonus combat feats.

Flurry of Bullets (Ex)

The cannon striker can only make ranged attacks with firearms as part of a brawler’s flurry, receiving a -4 penalty on their attack rolls for attacks made this way rather than a -2 penalty, and does not apply their Strength modifier to damage from ranged attacks made this way.

This otherwise functions the same as brawler’s flurry.

This alters brawler’s flurry.

Pistol Whip (Ex)

At 4th level, the cannon striker gains the gunslinger’s pistol-whip deed. They do not need to spend points of grit to use this ability. In addition, they can use pistol-whips as part of a flurry of bullets, applying their full Strength modifier to damage on such attacks.

This replaces knockout.

Firearm Mastery (Ex)

At 5th level, the cannon striker can reload a two-handed firearm as if it was a One-handed firearm. At 9th level, the cannon striker cannot be knocked prone as a result of firing a firearm. At 12th level, the cannon striker gains the gunslinger’s deadeye deed, being able to use it once per day without needing to spend points of grit. At 17th level, the cannon striker can use their deadeye deed up to three times per day without spending grit on it.

This replaces brawler’s strike and close weapon mastery.

Awesome Blow (Ex)

A cannon striker making a successful awesome blow in melee uses his pistol-whip damage instead of that of close weapons or unarmed strikes. The cannon striker can make an awesome blow from a distance, using the range of a firearm they are wielding. Doing so consumes ammunition as if making an attack, and deals the firearm’s damage, reducing the damage die by one step per range increment. Awesome blows cannot be made at range if doing so would reduce the damage dealt to 1d2 or less or if the cannon striker is not wielding a firearm.

This alters awesome blow.

Cannon strikers cannot replace awesome blow with another brawler art.

Note: In campaigns with the “guns everywhere” baseline for availability of firearms, a cannon striker gains Gunslinger as a bonus feat rather than Gunsmithing.

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