Undead Legendary Bloodline

Evading death is a near-universal desire, so many families have a withered branch steeped in the power of undeath somewhere in their tree. Your connection to the animating power of negative energy gives you unnatural resilience and the ability to feed on others? life force.

Class Skill(s): Knowledge (religion)

Bloodline Spells: reaper’s coterie (5th), undead anatomy (8th), vampiric hunger (can target self) (11th), decollate (14th)

Blood Source

The first time each turn that you gain temporary hit points, you gain 1 blood point.

Bloodline Apotheosis

You count as being of the undead type whenever it would be beneficial. Additionally, you are immune to death effects, disease, paralysis, poison, and sleep effects.

Bloodline Powers

Shamble Onwards

You gain the Endurance and Diehard feats, and may ignore the Deathless Initiate, Deathless Master, Deathless Zealot, and Tenacious Survivor feats other than base attack bonus. Whenever you would take hit point damage, you may spend 1 blood point as an immediate action. If you do, calculate the damage you would take as normal, but you do not actually take the damage until the end of your next turn. Delayed damage cannot be further prevented or resisted.

Drain Vitality

Beginning at 7th level, whenever you successfully deal damage while in a bloodrage, the target suffers bleed damage equal to half your class level. This bleed effect cannot stack with itself and ends if the target heals any amount of hit points or is affected by a DC 15 Heal check. This ability can affect even creatures that are normally immune to fortitude saves or bleeding (such as undead or oozes).

Touch of the Lich

At 13th level, you may spend a blood point to use slay living as a spell-like ability. You may spend 3 blood points to use this ability with a range of Close (25ft + 5ft per two class levels). If this kills the target, you gain temporary hit points equal to twice your legendary bloodrager level.

Miasmic Aura

At 19th level, enemies that start or end their turns within 10 feet of you suffer damage equal to your class level (no save), and suffer a -4 penalty to saving throws against fear and death effects. If a creature dies within this aura, you benefit as if death knell had been cast on the creature. This ability can be turned on or off as a free action on your turn.

Bloodline Defenses

Born of the Grave

At 2nd level, you take no penalties from energy drain effects, though you still die if you accrue more negative levels than your total hit dice. After 24 hours, any negative levels you suffer are removed automatically, without the need for an additional saving throw. In addition, you gain a +2 bonus to Will saves, which increases by +1 at 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter.

Deadened Flesh

At 9th level you gain your choice of DR 5/bludgeoning, DR 5/piercing, or DR 5/slashing. At 14th level this becomes DR 5/bludgeoning and good, DR 5/piercing and good, or DR 5/slashing and good. At 19th level it increases to DR 10/bludgeoning and good, DR 10/piercing and good, or DR 10/slashing and good.

Consume Death

At 16th level, you are healed by both positive and negative energy.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Legendary Bloodragers © 2021, Legendary Games; Authors Tara Collins, Kieran Easter, Lilith Carter, Andrew J. Gibson, Dave Nelson, Nathan A. Reinecke, Adam Ricks.

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