Kaiju Legendary Bloodline

Behemoths, goliaths, and leviathans have their own power, and through ritual or even sheer proximity your bloodline carries their power. In your rage you channel their enormity and find it trivial to push smaller creatures around.

Class Skill(s)

A legendary bloodrager gains Knowledge (local) as a class skill.

Bloodline Spell(s)

A legendary bloodrager with this bloodline gains bristle (5th), strong jaw (8th), beast shape III (11th), beast shape IV (14th)

Blood Source

Whenever you succeed on a combat maneuver against a creature smaller than yourself, you gain 1 blood point.

Bloodline Apotheosis

Upon hitting 20th level, you may choose one of the subtypes available to an unchained summoner’s eidolon. You gain that subtype, and the base evolutions of levels 1, 4, 8 and 12. In addition, you may keep half your evolutions active even while you are not in bloodrage.

Bloodline Powers

Raging Colossus (Su)

You gain the Improved Bull Rush and Improved Overrun feats, even if you don’t meet the prerequisites. You qualify for any feats with Improved Bull Rush or Improved Overrun as a prerequisite as if you had Str 13, Power Attack, and Bab +1. At 6th level you gain the Greater Bullrush and Greater Overrun feats, even if you don’t meet the prerequisites. You add your bonus to attack rolls from your bloodrage to all Strength checks and Strength-based skill checks. In addition, while you are in bloodrage, your height doubles and your weight is multiplied by 8. This increase changes your size category to the next larger one. If this increases your size to Large you gain space of 10 feet and a natural reach of 10 feet. If insufficient room is available for this growth, you attain the maximum possible size and may make a Strength check to burst any enclosures in the process. If you fail, you are constrained without harm by the materials enclosing it. You may choose not to grow in size when entering bloodrage; this choice remains for the duration of your bloodrage. All equipment you wear or carry is similarly enlarged. Melee weapons deal more damage. Any enlarged item that leaves your possession (including a projectile or thrown weapon) instantly returns to its normal size. This means that thrown and projectile weapons deal their normal damage. Magical properties of enlarged items are not increased by this spell. Multiple magical effects that increase size do not stack. You may spend a blood point to make a special charge. During your movement you may make an overrun attempt or a Strength check to destroy an object in your path as a free action, but this imposes a -2 penalty on the attack roll at the end of your charge. For every 5 levels you may make an additional overrun attempt or Strength check, taking an cumulative -2 penalty to your attack roll and any subsequent overrun attempts or Strength checks for each attempt. If you choose to make a bull rush attempt at the end of your charge, the penalty is halved.

Colossus Eidolon

At 7th level, when you enter bloodrage, you gain the ability to adjust your physical shape to aid you in combat. Each time you enter bloodrage, you gain an evolution pool, as if you were an unchained summoner’s eidolon. This pool has three evolution points, and increases by 1 point for every 3 levels of legendary bloodrager you have beyond 7th. You can choose from the following evolutions: bite, claws, climb, gills, improved damage, improved natural armor, magic attacks, slam, tail, and tail slap. These evolutions last until the end of the bloodrage. Requirements based on subtypes of eidolons are ignored, but you must meet level requirements, using your legendary bloodrager levels in place of unchained summoner levels.

Expanding Adaptability

At 13th level, you add the following evolutions to those you can choose whenever you bloodrage: tentacle, tentacle (mass), blood frenzy, gore, reach, rend, trample, and trip.

In addition, you may spend a full-round action and a point of bloodrage to reassign your evolution points without leaving and re-entering bloodrage.

Power Overwhelming

At 19th level, you add the following evolutions to those you can choose whenever you bloodrage: tremorsense, burrow, damage reduction, pounce, web, breath weapon, and spell resistance In addition, reassigning evolutions with Expanding Adaptability now takes a swift action.

Bloodline Defenses

Overgrown Force

You gain a +4 bonus to your Cmd, AC, and saving throws against effects that would prevent you from moving or force you to move (e.g. tanglefoot bags, bull rush attempts, or dazing). At 4th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, this bonus increases by 1.

Giant Impact

Starting at 9th level, when you are the target of a melee attack, you may spend a blood point to make a bull rush attempt as an immediate action. This may leave them unable to attack you if you are outside their reach, in which case they may redirect their attack to any creature within reach. If there is no such creature, or they choose not to attack one of them, their action is wasted.

Colossal Weight

Starting at 16th level, whenever would successfully perform a combat maneuver against you, you may spend a blood point to add your Constitution to your Cmd for that maneuver only as a free action. You may use this ability after the result of the combat maneuver is revealed. If this would cause the combat maneuver to fail, you may then perform the same combat maneuver against your attacker as an attack of opportunity. This does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Legendary Bloodragers © 2021, Legendary Games; Authors Tara Collins, Kieran Easter, Lilith Carter, Andrew J. Gibson, Dave Nelson, Nathan A. Reinecke, Adam Ricks.

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