Fey Legendary Bloodline

Your blood flows with the power of the faerie courts. Seelie or unseelie, this gives your magic a particular potency when used to affect others? minds.

Class Skill(s)

A legendary bloodrager gains Bluff as a class skill.

Bloodline Spell(s)

A legendary bloodrager with this bloodline gains charm person (5th), jester’s jaunt (8th), charm monster (11th), cloak of dreams (14th)

Blood Source

When you end your turn in a square at least as far away from your initial square as half your base land speed, you gain 1 blood point. You may enter bloodrage immediately upon gaining this blood point. Bloodline Apotheosis: You count as being of the fey type whenever it would be beneficial. You gain immunity to mind-affecting effects and improved evasion. In addition, as a free action once per round you may use one of your bloodline spells as a spell-like ability with a saving throw DC of 20 + your Constitution modifier. You may use this ability once per day for each bloodline spell. Finally, you gain a +10 racial bonus to all Charisma-based skill checks and may make these skill checks while in a bloodrage.

Bloodline Powers

Nymph’s Glower (Su)

When you successfully hit an enemy with a melee or thrown attack, you may spend 1 blood point as a swift action to send a stunning glance their way, causing them to become staggered for one round. A successful Will save negates this effect. At 10th level you do not need to spend a blood point to use this ability, but may spend a blood point to cause the target to instead become stunned for one round. If they make a successful Will they are instead staggered for one round. This is a mind-affecting effect.

Redcap’s Malice (Ex)

Starting at 7th level, when you enter a bloodrage, choose a creature type other than fey. If you choose humanoids or outsiders, you must also choose an associated subtype, as a ranger’s favored enemy. Any natural or weapon attacks you make against creatures of that type have their critical multiplier increased by 1. (For example, from 19-20/x2 to 19-20/x3 or from 20/x4 to 20/x5.) While in a bloodrage, you also gain the benefits of the Vicious Stomp feat, even if you don’t qualify for it. Your unarmed strikes made with this feat deal lethal damage, do not provoke attacks of opportunity, and deal damage as if you were a monk of your legendary bloodrager level.

Dryad’s Potency (Su)

At 13th level, whenever you cast a mind-affecting legendary bloodrager spell the saving throw DC is equal to 10 + 1/2 your level + your Constitution modifier and all other effects dependent on spell level (such as ability to penetrate a lesser globe of invulnerability) are calculated as if the spell level were 4 higher. Any other effects that would increase spell level, such as Heighten Spell, also increase the DC by 1 for each spell level. Your legendary bloodrager spells and bloodline powers ignore immunity to mind-affecting effects, but such creatures gain a +4 bonus to their saving throws against your mind-affecting spells. (Mindless creatures are still immune to your mind-affecting effects.)

Nixie’s Grace (Ex)

At 19th level, you gain a +10 bonus on any Charisma checks to force a charmed creature to do something it would not normally do, and may attempt to force them to obey suicidal or obviously harmful orders.

Bloodline Defenses

Fey Resistances (Ex)

At 2nd level you gain a +4 bonus to saving throws against mind-affecting effects and a +2 bonus to Reflex saving throws. Both of these bonuses increase by +1 at 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter.

Fey Skin (Ex)

At 9th level you gain DR 5/cold iron. This increases to DR 10/cold iron at level 14 and DR 15/cold iron at level 19.

Otherworldly Gaze (Su)

At 16th level when you would be struck by a melee weapon or natural attack you may spend a blood point to use your Nymph’s Glower bloodline ability as an immediate action. This does not count as spending a blood point to increase its effect, but you may spend an extra blood point to do so. Any effect lasts until the end of their next turn, instead of the beginning of their next turn as normal. If the target fails their saving throw against your otherworldly gaze ability, they must roll their attack again and must use the worse of the two rolls. Special: If you do not have the Nymph’s Glower ability (such as if you have an archetype that replaces your 1st-level bloodline ability) you may still use it as part of this bloodline defense, but not normally.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Legendary Bloodragers © 2021, Legendary Games; Authors Tara Collins, Kieran Easter, Lilith Carter, Andrew J. Gibson, Dave Nelson, Nathan A. Reinecke, Adam Ricks.

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