Aberrant Legendary Bloodline

Something alien and bizzare influenced your bloodline ages ago. The taint warps your body in horrific ways.

Class Skill(s)

A legendary bloodrager with this bloodline gains Knowledge (dungeoneering) as a class skill.

Bloodline Spell(s)

A legendary bloodrager with this bloodline gains natural rhythm (5th), greater magic fang (8th), gift of the deep (11th), frightful aspect (14th)

Blood Source

When you hit an opponent with two or more different natural attacks during your turn you gain 1 blood point.

Bloodline Apotheosis

You count as being the aberration type when it would be beneficial to you. You gain immunity to paralysis, critical hits, and precision-based damage, such as sneak attack. You gain blindsight 10 feet and your reach with natural attacks increases by 5 ft.

Bloodline Powers

Antediluvian Weapons (Su)

At 1st level, while in a bloodrage you gain your choice of two claws or two tentacles dealing 1d4 damage or a bite, gore, or sting dealing 1d6 damage. Claws, bite, gore and sting are primary attacks, while tentacles are secondary attacks. This damage does not increase or decrease based on your size. At 5th level, and again at 9th, 13th, and 17th level the damage dealt by these attacks increases by one die size (1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 2d6, 2d8). These natural attacks count as magic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

At 5th level they also count as silver and cold iron, and at 10th level they count as having the ghost touch special weapon ability. If you use one of these attacks in concert with a weapon held in the other hand, they act as secondary natural attacks instead. You may spend a blood point while in a bloodrage as a swift action to gain an additional natural attack from the choices above. You may have only one additional natural attack at a time and it remains until your bloodrage ends.

Inhuman Flexibility (Su)

At 7th level your reach with all natural attacks is increased by 5 feet and you may spend 3 blood points as a swift action to gain two additional natural attacks from the choices available to you. You may have only two additional natural attacks at a time and they remain until your bloodrage ends. This replaces the limit of one additional natural attack from antediluvian weapons, but you may still spend 1 blood point as a swift action to gain one additional natural attack, up to your new maximum.

Jaws that Bite and Claws that Catch (Su)

At 13th level you may spend a blood point as a swift action or an additional blood point as part of gaining an additional natural attack with antediluvian weapons to give your natural attacks from antediluvian weapons an additional special ability depending on their type. This lasts as long as you remain in bloodrage.

Hideous Infection (Su)

At 19th level your natural attacks cause your enemies to become as warped as you are. When you successfully hit an enemy with at least one natural attack in a round, they must make a successful Fortitude saving throw or suffer one of the following effects at random:

  1. Their legs and wings wither and they become slug-like, reducing their movement speeds to 5 feet.
  2. Their arms become tentacles, reducing damage done by any claw or slam attacks they have by half and imposing a -4 penalty to attacks with manufactured weapons.
  3. Their mouths warp and begin gibbering eldritch phrases, making communication impossible and imposing a 50% chance of spells with a verbal component failing.
  4. Their lungs become gills or their gills become lungs, rendering aquatic creatures sickened if in water and air-breathing creatures sickened if in air. This does not affect amphibious creatures.
  5. Their eyes seal over and are replaced with antennae, rendering them blind but giving them blindsight 5 feet.
  6. Their flesh becomes spongy and amorphous. They lose any natural armor bonus they may have. If they don’t have a natural armor bonus they take 50% additional damage from weapon attacks.
  7. They exude a slippery mucus and must succeed on a Reflex saving throw at the beginning of each turn or fall prone and drop anything they hold. Even if they succeed, they must succeed on a DC 20 Acrobatics check to move. Failure means they can’t move that round (and must then make a successful Reflex save or fall), while failure by 5 or more means it falls (see the Acrobatics skill for details).
  8. Their skin becomes dry, squamous, and rugose, splitting when they move. They take a -3 penalty to attack rolls and saving throws. If they take only a single move action or standard action (plus any swift or immediate actions they might be able to) in a round, this decreases to -1 until the end of their next turn.
  9. They emit a hideous stench, causing allies who begin or end their turns adjacent to the creature to become sickened for one round. They also take a -10 penalty to all Diplomacy and Bluff checks.
  10. Roll twice, ignoring any 10s. Each effect lasts 1 minute, but once the d10 is rolled you may spend 3 blood points to make it permanent, removable only by a miracle or wish spell. Further instances of this ability can add additional effects, but identical effects do not stack with each other.

Bloodline Defenses

Rubbery Flesh (Ex)

Starting at 2nd level, you gain DR 5/-, but only for non-lethal damage. This increases to DR 10/- at level 6, DR 15/- at level 11, and DR 20/- at level 19. This does not apply to non-lethal damage caused by your own abilities or items or by any spells cast upon you willingly, nor to non-lethal damage converted from lethal damage by your own abilities or items or by any spells cast upon you willingly.

Loathsome Anatomy (Ex)

At 9th level, you gain immunity to the sickened and nauseated conditions. You also gain a 25% chance to negate any critical hit or precision damage that hits you. In the case of critical hit, the damage is instead rolled normally.

Alien Nature (Su)

Starting at 16th level you may momentarily warp your mind and body in response to attacks. You may spend a blood point as an immediate action to roll a saving throw against a mind-affecting effect twice, taking whichever roll is more favorable. If you succeed, the origin of the attack is sickened for a number of rounds equal to your Constitution modifier as they are flooded with the alien nature of your mind. Alternatively, you may spend a blood point as an immediate action in response to a melee attack to make your attacker roll twice and take the worse roll. If they miss they become staggered for one round and count as flat-footed against your attacks until the end of their next turn.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Legendary Bloodragers © 2021, Legendary Games; Authors Tara Collins, Kieran Easter, Lilith Carter, Andrew J. Gibson, Dave Nelson, Nathan A. Reinecke, Adam Ricks.

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