Maestro (Legendary Bard Archetype)

Bards who have taken on the role of the maestro have chosen to specialize in the use of their performances above all other arts available to them, seamlessly blending performances together in a symphony of power.

Performance Master: The maestro gains 8 + their Charisma modifier rounds of bardic performance plus an additional 4 rounds of bardic performance each level and gains two bardic performances at 1st level, and one new bardic performance at each level thereafter, rather than the legendary bard’s normal bardic performance progression. This replaces the legendary bard’s spells and cantrips, and modifies the legendary bard’s bardic performance class features.

Maestro’s Force: At 4th level, and again at 12th and 20th level, the maestro increases the saving throw DC of their bardic performances by 1.

Accompaniment: At 8th level, the maestro can maintain two bardic performances at once. The maestro can only start a single bardic performance in a single round. If the maestro has two bardic performances active, they must spend a move action to maintain them both, rather than a free action. If the maestro has a way to extend their performance after they cease performing, such as the Lingering Performance feat, they can use it alongside a single maintained performance.

Perfected Accompaniment: At 16th level, the maestro can start two bardic performances in a single round, and may maintain both performances as either a move or swift action.

Restricted Schools: The maestro cannot select the school of the mage. This modifies the legendary bard’s bardic schools class feature, but not for the purposes of archetype compatibility.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Legendary Bards © 2020, Legendary Games; Authors Hal Kennette and N. Jolly

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