Technical Chymist

The conventional sciences of alchemy may appeal to most, but to a technical chymist, their love has always been in their own inventions. Not willing to create a single work to dominate their time, a technical chymist instead loves to create as many new and wondrous inventions as possible, testing out each with a feverish glee.

Inventive Mind (Ex)

The technical chymist can create an invention as though they were a technician (Spheres of Might) of their level. This invention can have 1 improvement applied to it.

At 5th level and every five levels thereafter, they can maintain an additional invention.

This ability replaces alchemical discipline.

Inventive Breakthrough (Ex)

At 5th level, a technical chymist can apply an additional improvement to all inventions they possess. At 11th and 17th level, they can apply another improvement to all their inventions.

This ability replaces discipline breakthrough.

Tinker Defense

The technical chymist gains the discipline defense of the tinker discipline.

This ability alters discipline defense.

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