Recondite Mechanist

Despite a drive for creating unique machines, a recondite mechanist attempts to create machines that push the bounds of what is normally thought possible. Using experimental techniques, these creators hope to bring their creations to the absolute edge of robotics, often eschewing rational thought to do so.

Tinker Discipline

At 1st level, a recondite mechanist must select tinkerer for their alchemical discipline.

This ability alters alchemical discipline, but does not prevent the alchemist from taking another archetype which also requires them to select tinkerer for their alchemical discipline.

Versatile Automaton

The recondite mechanist’s automaton has only half as many customizations (rounded up) as normal.

However, it gains one combat talent (Spheres of Might) at 1st level and every odd alchemist level thereafter. It uses either its Strength or its Dexterity as its practitioner ability modifier. It may select the Extra Combat Talent feat with the feat customization.

It may only choose from the Athletics, Barrage, Berserker, Boxing, Brute, Lancer, and Sniper spheres.

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