The study of life, death, and what lies between is as much a scientific topic as it is a magical one, and the reanimator’s studies blur the lines between. For some it is a dedication to intellectual study of undeath, for others the pursuit of a more unsavory immortality, and for an unsavory few merely an appreciation for the unique manner in which zombies rip skulls open to devour the brains within. Whatever their reasons, reanimators have a deep understanding of undeath in all its facets.

Biological concentration

While a reanimator’s heavy focus on biology gives the reanimator plenty of options for a discipline, it leaves little room for engineering. A reanimator cannot select the tinker discipline.

This alters alchemical discipline.

Zombie Virus

At 1st level, a reanimator’s primary source of undead is through a virus. By spending 1 point of quintessence and 10 minutes, the reanimator can create a number of viral agents equal to the reanimators Intelligence modifier. The reanimator can use a viral agent as though it were an injury poison and is immune to its effects. A creature that is exposed to a viral agent must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC = 10+ 1/2 the reanimator’s class level + the reanimator’s Intelligence modifier). On a failed save, the target is afflicted with zombie virus.

  • Zombie Virus: injury; save special (see above); onset immediate; frequency 1/hour; effect 1d3 Con damage; cure 1 save; special a creature who dies while afflicted with the zombie virus immediately rises as a zombie under the control of the reanimator who created the zombie virus. After 1 minute, this zombie collapses, inert, but may later be reanimated by other means.

At 5th level the Constitution damage from zombie virus increases to 1d6; at 9th level, the frequency increases to 1/ minute; at 13th it also deals 1d6 Cha damage; and at 17th the frequency increases to 1/round.

This replaces bomb.

Alchemical necromancy

At 6th level, a reanimator gains the alchemical zombie discovery as a bonus discovery. The reanimator can use this ability to create skeletons as well as zombies and can give their skeletons the bloody template or their zombies the fast template by using an additional 50 gp worth of alchemical reagents when creating them.

This replaces multi bomb.

Improved Alchemical necromancy

At 11th level, a reanimator unlocks the secrets of greater undead creation.

When creating an undead with alchemical necromancy, the reanimator can spend an additional 100 gp in alchemical reagents per HD of the corpse being animated to create a more powerful undead as though casting create undead, using their alchemist level as their caster level to determine what they can create. Undead created by this effect are under the reanimator’s control as normal but are treated as 1.5x their HD for the purpose of determining how many undead the reanimator can control at once.

This replaces empowered bomb.

Viral Carrier: At 15th level, when a reanimator creates an undead creature, they can make that creature a carrier for their zombie virus. That creature inflicts the zombie virus with its natural attacks.

This replaces flurry bomb.

Virulent Contagion: At 19th level, the reanimator cultivates a strain of the zombie virus capable of spreading from victim to victim. Any zombie created by the zombie virus ability can spread the virus as if they were a carrier.

This replaces ultimate bomb.

Zombie Plague: At 20th level, zombies created by a reanimator’s zombie plague no longer fall inert after one minute.

This replaces grand discovery.

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