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Ultimate 2nd Edition Comparable

Vendor: Flaming Crab Games
Type: Book
Price: 0.00

This is the ONLY 2nd Edition Comparable product that you will ever need. Period.

Now, 2nd Edition might not be coming out for another 1-2 years, and even the playtest won’t be out for another few months, but I thought I could make a ton of assumptions and capitalize on hype to release a product right now!

So go ahead, spend just $39.99 (plus tax maybe?) on a product that we guarantee* will be 2nd Edition Comparable!

You might be suspicious of this product because it's the first of April. Don't worry, this is legit. We have a statblock for the duck bunny to prove that this is an Easter-themed product and NOT an April Fools' Day product.

The Culinary Magic Cookbook

Vendor: Flaming Crab Games
Type: Book
Price: 19.99

The Culinary Magic Cookbook features nearly 100 recipes that both you and your character can make. What better way to enhance your RP than to share with your gaming group the same Breakfast Pizza that your character cooks?

Each recipe is tried and tested from our writers/chefs across the globe! And many have truly stood the test of time, including an orange sauce recipe from the Middle Ages!

In addition to being absolutely delicious, each recipe grants a unique magical benefit for you and your party members! You can cook haggis to grow entangling hair, stuffing to make you puffy and reduce falling damage, deviled owlbear egg to enhance your senses, spicy spaghetti to breathe fire, and much more!

Anyone, PC or NPC, with a single feat and an investment in Craft (culinary) can make these magic meals! After all, cooking belongs to everyone!

The Dragon's Hoard: Wondrous Items

Vendor: Flaming Crab Games
Type: Book
Price: 10.00

Welcome, adventurer, to the Dragon’s Hoard. Within you will find an assortment of magic items lovingly crafted by two dozen designers, including both budding and established writers. Perhaps not every dragon would have each of these items, but a weird dragon that likes magic muddy boots and self writing quills should.

Always desired a battle beard made of flames? Oh, haven't we all! We've got your chin covered with the burning beard! Need to impersonate the king but you're terrible at voices? Don't worry, the choker of mimicry will save your neck! Need a prehensile tail to hold your beer when you get in that inevitable tavern brawl in session 1? Grab yourself the, erm, fuzzy elf's tail! (Not really sure why it's called that, to be honest) Do you hate the undead but are into dead cats? The mummified cat ensures that no undead come crawling out of the ground at night! And if those don't suit you, there are over 100 wondrous items to discover within!
Letters from the Flaming Crab: Imaginary Friends

Vendor: Flaming Crab Games
Type: Book
Price: 4.99

Letters from the Flaming Crab is a monthly series of Pathfinder-compatible supplements. Each Letter focuses on exploring a different topic to give gamemasters and players new, exciting options that can be dropped into any campaign.

This Letter features a new type of creature: imaginary friends! These ghost-like creatures assign themselves to children and act as companion and guardian to their chosen ward. Each has a different appearance, shaped by the imagination of the children they protect.

With the help of nine real-life children, Imaginary Friends features 16 manifested forms!

  • Animay, a hovering humanoid child with a giant pencil!
  • Caloon Ready Freddy, a large frog-like protector with big eyes and a cool tentacle arm!
  • Crocodile B, a yellow size-changing crocodile with a big scar on her back!
  • Deaths, a friendly fellow with a skull head and a cloak of screaming faces!
  • Ella, a floppy blue toy elephant that wants everyone to be friends!
  • Lady Cimini, a majestic woman that can turn into a volcano or hamster!
  • Magicus, a handless and legless ghostly magician with a dashing top hat!
  • Mister Bora, a humanoid air elemental with a sword that can turn into a panther!
  • Pat'Chin, a really nice and really strong friend with a silly smile!
  • Pistol Squidhark, a small shark squid thing that can be a water gun!
  • Secorit, a small shy person that has a heart-shaped bottle of secrets!
  • Shaper, a metal creature that hates bullies and throws blades!
  • Spotty, a tiny colorful dalmatian that loves making friends, especially with dinosaurs!
  • Trobot Espenzale, a mechanical toy with stretchy arms that's great at dancing!
  • Waterwave, a stubby friend made of water that loves playing in pools!
  • Wobniar, a living rainbow that tells stories with light!

In addition, we introduce the Wonder and Imaginary Familiar feats that allow adults to gain an imaginary friend as a familiar!

Letters from the Flaming Crab: Libraries

Vendor: Flaming Crab Games
Type: Book
Price: 4.99

Letters from the Flaming Crab is a monthly series of Pathfinder-compatible supplements. Each Letter focuses on exploring a different topic to give gamemasters and players new, exciting options that can be dropped into any campaign.

Within Libraries, we introduce rules and guidance on inserting libraries into a fantasy society!

First, we give a brief history of libraries from 2600 BCE to 1850 CE before defining them.

Then we introduce new categories for library statblocks to help you build believable libraries: Type, Access, Circulation, and Audience.

We give an example for each of the following library types: Academic (Dwarven Mining College Library), Children's (Jolly Charred's Wagon of Wonder), Lost (Mistress Sandwind's Opera Omnia), National (Museum Verborum Dierum), Private (The Court of Lishaz), Public (Library of the Sunken City), Reading Room (Lidiana's Book Nook), Religious (The Temple of Healing's Medical Collection), Research (The Eccentric Professor's Library), and Virtual (MILI the Skyshard).

We also detail document types, such as clay tablets, parchment scrolls, tattooing, and so forth. The shape a document takes can be as important to understanding a civilization as the information it contains.

For games with a strong investigation focus, we introduce a Fluency subsystem for Linguistics to bring some nuance to the skill and allow characters to be Competent, Fluent, and Proficient in languages.

For characters with an academic leaning, we have a handy table with the list of currently existing academic character options, magic items, and spells. In addition, we introduce the Library cleric subdomain, the Words oracle mystery, and the Bookring magic item.

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