Warden (Fisherking Archetype)

There are some individuals who gain dominion not for its own sake nor for the good of a single nation. Sometimes, kingship comes with a great and terrible burden, manifesting as a line of kings spawned to act as a succession of living bastiles detaining something dreadful that wishes to manifest in the world. Using their own flesh and souls as the prison, lock, and key. The burden they bear taints their very being and twists their power to be like in nature to an iron cage.

Containment Field (Su)

While most of your peers color the land about them with weal and woe, you make the land about you a prison. The warden emits a 30-foot radius aura centered on themself that makes leaving their presence or attacking beyond the boundaries they have established difficult. All creatures other than the warden within this aura reduce all of their movement speed by 5 feet to a minimum of 5 feet. Decreases to movement speeds last until the end of a creature’s turn. In addition, arrows, rays, and other ranged attacks made against targets outside of this aura by other creatures within it, have a 5% miss chance. This miss chance does not stack with miss chances gained from other sources such as concealment. The warden can begin or end this effect as a swift action, and it automatically ends if the warden is knocked unconscious. As a free action during their turn, the warden can choose to exclude a number of creatures equal to their veilweaving modifier from the effects of this aura. The selected creatures also automatically pass Reflex saves against the ability nothing can escape, gained at 9th level.

This ability can be invested with essence. For each point of essence invested in this ability its radius increases by 5 feet and the miss chance increases by 5%.

At 5th and 13th level, the miss chance a by 5% and movement speed reduction increases by an additional 5 feet.

At 17th level the warden’s containment field increases to a 60 foot radius.

This ability replaces blessed land and blessed land improvement gained at 17th level.

Secure (Sp, Su)

You gain the ability to cast the spell alarm as a spell-like ability a number of times per day equal to your veilweaving modifier. Additionally, locks on doors, chests, manacles, and portals locked by a warden are more difficult to open with Disable Device checks. The Disable Device DC to do so increases by +5. Starting at 11th level, once per day the warden can also cast guards and wards as a spell-like ability.

This ability can be invested with essence, for each point of essence investing in this ability the Disable Device DCs increase by an additional +5.

This ability replaces royal attendants.

Jailer and Jail

At 4th level a warden begins to show signs of their labors. They select one oracle curse and gain the benefits and drawbacks of it, using their fisherking level -3(minimum 1) as their oracle level for determining the benefits and hindrances. If an oracle curse would add spells known, once per day the warden can select one of these spells and cast it as a spell-like ability, using their class level as their caster level.

This replaces the hex gained at fourth level. Warden’s Signet: At 8th level the warden gains a magical ring made of iron that bears their personal seal. When worn by the warden this ring functions as a jailer’s dungeon ringUE. The warden can spend one hour of uninterrupted concentration to magically attune their warden’s signet to a number of prisoner’s dungeon ringsUE, in their possession, equal to the warden’s veilweaving modifier. Once per day, while wearing their warden’s signet, the warden can take a point of essence burn to cast shackleAG as a spell-like ability using their class level as their caster level.

The warden can confiscate the abilities of other magical rings, adding them to their warden’s signet. In a ritual that requires one hour of uninterrupted concentration and a number of gold pieces equal to half the construction cost of another magical ring in their possession, the warden can transfer the magical properties of that ring into their warden’ signet. Once its properties have been absorbed the other ring crumbles to worthless dust. Like the normal abilities of a warden’s signet, any added magical properties only function for the warden. If the warden dies, their signet still detects as magical and its properties can be identified, but it is non-functional.

If this ring is damaged, it is restored to full hit points the next time the warden shapes veils for the day. If it is lost or destroyed, it can be replaced after 1 week in a special ritual that costs 200 gp per fisherking level. The new warden’s signet has any magical properties possessed by the original including attunement to prisoner’s dungeon rings.

Starting at 12th level, as long as the warden has their warden’s signet in their possession the warden can craft jailer’s and prisoner’s dungeon rings as if they possessed the feat Forge Ring. A prisoner’s dungeon ring crafted in this manner is always magically attuned to the warden’s signet in addition to any jailer’s dungeon ring it is attuned to. If the warden also has the Forge Ring feat, qualified for via arcane presence or another source, the warden can instead craft a combined number of jailer’s and prisoner’s dungeon rings up to their veilweaving modifier per day, but must still provide all materials and make all necessary crafting checks.

This ability replaces the hex gained at 8th level and the major hex gained at 12th level.

Nothing Can Escape (Su)

Starting At 9th level when a creature attempts to leave the warden’s containment field it must make a Reflex save against a DC equal to 10 + the number of points of essence invested in containment field + the warden’s Charisma modifier. Creatures that fail their save are wrapped in bands of force, becoming entangled and unable to move. Entangled creatures can attempt to break free as a move action, making a Strength or Escape Artist check against the save DC of this ability. Creatures attempting to escape via teleportation or dimensional travel effects must make a Will save against this DC of this ability or the attempt fails. Any entangled creatures are automatically freed if the warden’s containment field effect ends or once they are no longer in its area of effect.

This ability replaces the blessed land improvement gained at 9th level.

Iron Cell (Sp)

At 20th level the warden gains the ability to lock entities other than their ancestral burden away from the world. As a full-round action, the warden can take a point of essence burn and make a melee touch attack against another creature. If attack succeeds, the creature must make a will save against the warden’s hex DC. On a failed saving throw, an object of the warden’s choice on their person worth at least 2000 gp crumbles to dust leaving behind a prisoner’s dungeon ring, which is already attuned to their warden’s signet. The creature targeted by this ability is sealed into the ring as if by sacramental sealHA except the trapped creature can always communicate telepathically with any creature in possession of the object as if the warden had relinquished stewardship of the object. The first creature, other than the warden, to wear a ring created in this way counts as a creature belonging to the warden’s faith.

This ability replaces the grand hex gained at 20th level.

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