Arcane Mender

Some vanguards prefer to focus on supporting allies above all else. Acting as healing hands during battle, arcane menders gain access to a greater variety of healing magic to aid their comrades.

Life Mending (Sp)

At 1st level, an arcane mender only gains the mending touch augmentation; he does not gain an additional augmentation of his choice. His construct companion can use mending touch to restore hit points to both objects and living creatures. The resonance effect of mending touch can restore hit points to either the construct companion or a living creature within 10 feet of the companion, the resonance ending when the target is healed.

This ability alters the augmentations gained at 1st level.

Healing Imbue (Sp)

At 2nd level, an arcane mender gains the imbue ability, but is only proficient in imbuing protective and healing spells. When imbuing a spell that is not an abjuration or conjuration (healing) spell, the maximum level of spell he can imbue is reduced by half. This reduction also applies to the additional imbues he gains from improved imbue and greater imbue. The arcane mender can also use imbue on any willing creature, rather than only himself or his construct companion, but when doing so can only imbue abjuration and conjuration (healing) spells.

This ability alters imbue, improved imbue, and greater imbue.

Mender Arcana (Ex)

At 5th level, the arcane mender gains access to a limited selection of helpful spells. The vanguard selects a single spell from the cleric spell list and add it to his list of spells known. This must be a spell that he is capable of casting. He may only cast this spell in conjunction with his imbue ability; he may not cast the spell otherwise. He learns an additional spell to use with his imbue ability for every three levels past 5th.

This ability replaces vanguard arcana.

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