Saboteur Tricks

Rather than learning a broad spectrum of techniques as a fighter, or a plethora of magical abilities as a wizard, a saboteur instead learns a few specialized tricks to better accomplish her goals. Starting at 2nd level, a saboteur gains one saboteur trick. She gains an additional saboteur trick for every two levels of saboteur attained after 2nd level. A saboteur cannot select an individual trick more than once. If a trick calls for a saving throw, the DC of the save is equal to 10 + 1/2 the saboteur’s level + her Intelligence modifier.

Saboteur Tricks
Saboteur Tricks – Ascension Games, LLC
Saboteur Trick Prerequisites Benefits Source
Always Prepared (Ex) Saboteur 6 Retrieve non-specified items from your bag. PI
Ambush (Ex) Enemies are always considered flat-footed in the surprise round, reduce opponent’s initiative when struck. PI
Assassinate (Ex) Saboteur 12 Instantly slay marked target. PI
Beguiler’s Arcana (Sp) Gain four of several cantrips to cast at will. PI
Breaker (Ex) Gain Improved Sunder as a bonus feat, bypass hardness of constructs and objects. PI
Certain Deception (Ex) Saboteur 6 Reroll Bluff, Disguise, Diplomacy, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth checks against marked target. PI
Charming Words (Sp) Saboteur 10 Speak with marked target to create charm monster or suggestion effect. PI
Convincing Lies (Su) Saboteur 4 Gain constant glibness effect. PI
Cunning Resistance (Ex) Gain an insight bonus to saving throws against marked target’s abilities. PI
Deadly Strikes (Ex) Saboteur 16 Negate regeneration of marked target when delivering a critical hit. PI
Deep Wounds (Ex) Saboteur 8 Inflict bleed damage when striking marked target. PI
Deft Steps (Ex) Saboteur 14 No longer provoke attacks of opportunity from marked target for movement. PI
Disguise Mastery (Ex) Saboteur 4 Reduced time for creating disguises, reduced penalties for difficult disguises. PI
Disruptive (Ex) Saboteur 6 Gain Disruptive as a bonus feat. PI
Doppelganger’s Visage (Sp) Use magic to appear as your marked target. PI
Duality (Su) Saboteur 16 Appear in two places at once. PI
Duelist’s Parry (Ex) Saboteur 6 Use an attack of opportunity to negate incoming attacks. PI
Eldritch Insight (Sp) Saboteur 16 Gain greater arcane sight against marked target. PI
Elude Divination (Sp) Saboteur 10 Gain constant nondetection. PI
Enemy of my Enemy (Ex) Saboteur 4 Use Diplomacy check to influence attitude more effectively, make creatures hostile towards each other. PI
Eradicate (Su) Saboteur 14 Constructs and objects you destroy are disintegrated. PI
Extended Setup (Ex) Saboteur 12 Use ranged setup to throw traps further and without DC penalties. PI
Feign Death (Ex or Sp) Saboteur 10 Use Bluff or illusion magic to appear dead to observers. PI
Firearms Training (Ex) Gain a grit pool and a 1st level deed. PI
Forgetful Exchange (Sp) Saboteur 14 Cause marked target to forget up to 10 minutes of events. PI
Glamered Arms (Su) Saboteur 6 Weapons and armor gain the glamered property. PI
Hide in Plain Sight (Su) Saboteur 8 Use stealth while being observed. PI
Illusory Retreat (Su) Saboteur 8 Turn invisible and leave illusion behind when you use the withdraw action. PI
Into Thin Air (Sp) Saboteur 4 Turn invisible. PI
Intuitive Mark (Ex) Saboteur 8 Mark a previously marked target once per day. PI
Like a Book (Sp) Saboteur 4 Gain one of several divination effects against marked target. PI
Linked Senses (Sp) Saboteur 8 See through senses of marked target. PI
Masterful Sabotage (Ex) Saboteur 8 Bypass traps more easily, modify magic traps when bypassed. PI
Nowhere to Hide (Su) Saboteur 8 Gain constant locate creature effect and blindsight 20 feet against marked target. PI
Opportune Strikes (Ex) Saboteur 10 Gain extra attacks of opportunity against marked targets. PI
Piercing Strikes (Ex) Saboteur 4 Weapons bypass certain kinds of damage reduction against marked targets. PI
Poison Adept (Ex) Apply poisons as a move action, cannot poison yourself accidentally. PI
Poison Brewer (Ex) Saboteur 4 Bonus to Craft(alchemy) checks, can use Craft (alchemy) to change a poison’s type. PI
Polyglot (Ex) Learn three languages, gain more languages when putting ranks in the Linguistics skill. PI
Quick Hands (Ex) Gain Quick Draw as a bonus feat, gain bonus on Sleight of Hand checks to hide weapons. PI
Salvage Trap (Ex) Gain resources from disarmed traps. PI
Secret Passage (Sp) Saboteur 10 Create a passwall and phase door effects. PI
Shifting Aura (Su) Saboteur 12 Change alignment for all purposes. PI
Sniper (Ex) Saboteur 6 Less penalty when using Stealth skill to snipe, add Intelligence modifier to the damage dealt. PI
Spellbreaker (Ex) Saboteur 10 Gain Spellbreaker as a bonus feat. PI
Spell Thief (Sp) Saboteur 14 Steal magical effects via arcana theft or siphon enhancement spell. PI
Trackless (Ex) Constant pass without trace, move at full speed when using Stealth. PI
Trapsmith (Ex) Bonus on Craft (trap) checks, reduced time to create or setup a mechanical trap. PI
Unreadable (Sp) Saboteur 16 Constant mind blank effect. PI
Versatile Assembly (Ex) Saboteur 4 Gain a bonus metaconstruction feat, apply feat without increasing trap’s level. PI
Master’s Tricks – Ascension Games, LLC
Master’s Trick Prerequisites Benefits Source
Impossible to Catch (Ex and Su) Master’s Trick Constant freedom of movement, break out of all hindering effects once per day. PI
Legendary Trapsmith (Ex) Master’s Trick Take 20 on Disable Device checks, improved ability to trigger traps from a distance, create traps quickly, and create a powerful trap once per day. PI
Masterful Infiltration (Ex and Su) Master’s Trick Never trigger traps, walk through walls as if ethereal, once per day bypass all barriers. PI
Supreme Mark (Ex) Master’s Trick Change mark types freely, create deadly effects against marked targets. PI
Total Sabotage (Sp) Master’s Trick Use break or dispel magic when striking targets, once per day create a mage’s disjunction that also breaks objects. PI
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