Versatile Armament (Su)

Prerequisite: Path of the Darkened Fortress

Benefit: The nightblade gains new ways to shape her shadow armament. This grants two new forms: dual weapons, and ranged weapons.

The nightblade can create two melee weapons she is proficient with, one in each hand, rather than just one. These do not have to be the same weapon. They must be appropriately sized for the nightblade to wield. When she creates two weapons, the total enhancement bonus she can apply to her shadow armament is lowered by 2 (minimum +0), but both weapons receive the bonuses. Both weapons must be given the same enhancements; if one of the chosen weapon properties can be applied to one of her weapons and not the other, the bonus does not function on the incompatible weapon. A creature only gets its Will save once against the weapons; a successful save makes the creature realize both weapons are not real.

The nightblade can also create her armament in the form of a ranged weapon she is proficient with. When she does so, she also gains a replenishing supply of shadowy ammunition. The ammunition is typical of the weapon and has no special material or alchemical properties; it could take the form of a bullet or arrow, but not an alchemical cartridge or silver bolt. This ammunition can only be used with the nightblade’s shadow armament. A creature only gets its Will save once against the ammunition; a successful save makes the creature realize all of the ammunition is not real. Real ammunition cannot be used with the shadow armament; it simply falls through the weapon. The weapon is loaded when created, if required.

Instead of its normal enhancements, a ranged shadow armament gains the following properties for its ammunition at 4th level: blindstrike, brilliant energy, designating, frost, greater designating, ghost touch, icy burst, necrotic, necrotic burst, and seeking. These effects do not function against a creature that makes its Will save.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Path of Shadows, © 2015, Ascension Games, LLC; Author Christopher Moore

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