Shadow Equipment (Su)

Prerequisite: Path of the Darkened Fortress

Benefit: The nightblade can spend a shadow surge as a standard action to create a quasi-real object that weighs no more than 1 pound per nightblade level she possesses. The created gear is not truly real; a creature affected by any equipment made by the nightblade is entitled to a Will save to disbelieve the item, treating it as if it doesn’t exist. The equipment remains for 1 minute per nightblade level before fading away, although it disappears after one round if it leaves the nightblade’s possession. Creating equipment to an exact specification might require a Craft skill check, subject to GM discretion. The shadowstuff can replicate simple materials, such as wood, stone, glass, or metal, but it cannot contain any moving parts. The nightblade could use this ability to create a dagger or a rope, but not a flask of acid. Any created equipment is mundane, non-masterwork and cannot be magically enhanced by any means.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Path of Shadows, © 2015, Ascension Games, LLC; Author Christopher Moore

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