The Pledged

As sorcerers, druids, and clerics have always demonstrated, humans are able of drawing power from the most disparate sources.

The pledged are no different, gaining their abilities from their closeness to the Strangers, by making pacts and forging bonds with them.

While many pledged abilities come from their capability to interact with creatures they’re bound to, they also gain powers that make them able to hold their ground on their own.

Much like the Strangers they draw power from, each pledged has a favored Order and gains powers typical of a specific Role.

Since the choice of role influences some basic statistics such as Skill Ranks per level, base attack bonus, base saves, and Hit Dice, the pledged of each different role will be presented as a separate class. Despite this difference, made to simplify the presentation of the class, all pledged belong to the same class.


    Section 15: Copyright Notice

    Of Stranger Bonds, © 2019, Alessandro Passera

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