Maestro Performances

The following is a list of all the Maestro Performances available to a Siren.

Maestro Performance
Maestro Performance Prerequisites Effect
Accursed Litany Perform 7 ranks Inflicts a penalty to Fortitude saving throws. The refrain inflicts damage to a physical ability score with a touch attack.
Banishing Anthem Perform 11 ranks Gives penalties to outsiders or undead within 30 feet. The refrain can banish outsiders to their home plane or deal damage to undead creatures.
Blazing Bolero Perform 3 ranks When an ally within 30 feet is attacked in melee, this performance deals damage to the attacker. The refrain deals fire damage in a 10-feet burst.
Centering Chant Perform 5 ranks Removes effects that reduce the number of actions or grant extra actions. Also gives a morale bonus against effects with a duration longer than instantaneous. The refrain allows allies to make an additional saving throw to end ongoing conditions.
Corrosive Rondo Perform 3 ranks The attacks of allies reduce the damage reduction or hardness of their target. The refrain deals acid damage in a 15-feet emanation.
Entrancing Melisma Perform 7 ranks Inflicts a penalty to Will saving throws. The refrain can stagger, daze, or control the target.
Epic of Blades Perform 1 rank Grants a bonus to critical hit confirmation rolls and damage on critical hits. The refrain attacks with weapons made of force.
Forceful Fugue Perform 17 ranks Pushes away nearby enemies and grants a bonus against ranged attacks made against you. The refrain deals force damage to all creatures in a 20-feet burst around you, and can knock them prone.
Galvanic Gig Perform 3 ranks Grants a bonus to movement speed, armor class and reflex saving throws to allies. The refrain deals electric damage in a 30-feet line.
Grave Requiem Perform 15 ranks Deals bleeding damage to all opponents at the beginning of each round. The refrain deals damage on a ranged touch attack, and can instantly slay the target.
Haunting Harmony Perform 11 ranks Forces enemies to make a concentration check to cast spells. The refrain can cause the target to act randomly or lose actions.
Icy Aria Perform 3 ranks Grants resistance against fire and cold damage to allies. The refrain deals cold damage in a 20-feet long cone.
Impervious Melody Perform 17 ranks Grants a morale bonus to armor class, combat maneuver defense, and all saving throws to allies. The refrain grants damage reduction and can grant spell resistance to allies.
March of Clubs Perform 1 rank Reduces the penalty for iterative attacks to allies. The refrain attacks with weapons made of force.
Mending Madrigal Perform 15 ranks Makes allies ignore penalties to ability scores and negative levels. The refrain can remove penalties to ability scores, ability score damage, ability score drain, and negative levels.
Shattersound Countersong Perform 5 ranks Interferes with the performance-based powers of enemies. The refrain deals sonic damage with a ranged touch attack.
Soothing Hymn Perform 15 ranks Grants fast healing to allies. The refrain heals allies within 30 feet.
Spear Fanfare Perform 1 rank Attacks made by allies ignore part of their targets’ damage reduction. The refrain attacks with weapons made of force.
Strengthening Drone Perform 7 ranks Increases the bonuses from morale or enhancement to allies. The refrain grants enhancement bonuses to ability scores of allies.
Void Minuet Perform 11 ranks Grants the ability to negate the effects of spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities on a successful save to allies. The refrain dispels ongoing magic effects.
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