Cataclysm Dirge

Requirement: Perform 20 ranks; two among Blazing Bolero, Corrosive Rondo, Epic of Blades, Forceful Fugue, Galvanic Gig, Icy Aria, March of Clubs, Shattersound Countersong, and Spear Fanfare.

Base effect: All allies within 30 feet gain resistance 30 against all energy types and DR 15/–.


You channel ultimate destruction through your song. This refrain deals damage to all creatures within 30 feet of your position (including yourself). For each of the requirement songs that you have, cataclysm dirge deals extra damage from the appropriate source. For example, if you know only Icy Aria and Galvanic Gig, it would deal twice the damage: once cold, and once electricity. Instead, if you know all 9 the required performances, it would deal 9 times the damage: once slashing, once bludgeoning, once piercing, once fire, once cold, once electricity, once acid, once sonic, and once force. You can decide to not deal damage from one or more sources when you activate cataclysm dirge.

Weak Refrain: creatures in the area suffer 5d4 points of damage.

Intermediate Refrain: creatures in the area suffer 5d6 points of damage.

Strong refrain: creatures in the area suffer 5d8 points of damage.


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