Maestro Masterpieces

The following is a list of all the Maestro Masterpieces available to a Siren.

Maestro Masterpieces
Maestro Masterpieces Prerequisites Effect
Call of Endless Void Perform 20 ranks; two among: Accursed Litany, Banishing Anthem, Entrancing Melisma, Grave Requiem, Haunting Harmony, Shattersound Countersong, Void Minuet Erodes the resources of enemies (spell slots, rounds of performance, etc…) and can interrupt the uses of those abilities. The refrain inflicts negative levels or damage.
Cataclysm Dirge Perform 20 ranks; two among: Blazing Bolero, Corrosive Rondo, Epic of Blades, Forceful Fugue, Galvanic Gig, Icy Aria, March of Clubs, Shattersound Countersong, Spear Fanfare Grants resistance against all energy types and damage reduction to allies. The refrain deals damage to all creatures within 30 feet of your position (including yourself) based on how many required performances you know.
Edda of Heroes Perform 20 ranks; two among: Centering Chant, Impervious Melody, Strengthening Drone

Grants a bonus to all ability scores, damage reduction, and bonus to caster level to all allies. The refrain heals all allies.

Song of Hope Perform 20 ranks; two among: Centering Chant, Mending Madrigal, Soothing Hymn Grants a +5 morale bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, skill and ability checks, and saving throws to allies. The refrain allows allies to re-roll certain checks.
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