Mythical Order

Mythical beings show great differences between one another, sharing few common features, but all coming from the same world. This common origin is what got them to become a faction despite their differences. The Mythical Order has a democratic implant, in which several city-states are governed by two elected Consuls and represented in the Federation that gathers all the governments by a number of Praetors. Other institutional roles exist inside the democracy, but these are the most important ones. Unlike with other Strangers, humans are more likely to be found as an integrated part of Mythical society and, as long as they follow the rules of the city, even humans can be elected to prestigious positions, though these are usually taken by Titans and Dragons, which are often the de facto rulers among Mythicals.

The full chapter includes the carefree Satyr, entrancing Siren, divine Titan, unstoppable Minotaur, resourceful Dryad, sorcerous Lamia, and the most iconic Dragon.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Of Stranger Bonds, © 2019, Alessandro Passera

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