Fey Order

Members of the Fey Order are creatures with deep ties with nature and magic, long-lived beings of supernatural beauty and grace. They are divided in two factions: the Seelie and Unseelie Court. Both Courts gather many of the Fair Folk and are structured similarly, being ruled by a Queen, Titania for the Seelie and Mab for the Unseelie, and – to a lesser extent – by a Consort, known as Oberon for both Courts. The Courts are structured like a normal monarchy, in which the Queen’s rule is absolute, there are minor nobles and a number of advisers and envoys standing between her and common people, and a lower layer of subjects exists. The main difference between the Courts is in their policies regarding different creatures: the Seelie Court is more open and friendly towards strangers, while the Unseelie Court is extremely territorial and aggressive in the defense of its lands. While the two Courts are in perennial opposition, the actual hostilities between the two have severely reduced since their becoming Strangers on the Material Plane, with the only battles being the occasional scrap, and disputes left mostly to diplomacy. Some speculate that the Queens are actually allied at the moment, but keep up the facade of war between themselves to justify the intense training their warriors go through. The Fey army is possibly the most dreaded one among the Strangers and, while it’s usually not perceived as a threat since it is focused mostly on internal struggles, anyone foolish enough to attack one of the Courts will face the unfettered fury of both of them in reprisal.

The full chapter includes the size-changing Spriggan, hex-weaving Pooka, regenerative Troll, mighty Giant, magical Fairy, whimsical Pixie, and graceful Elf

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Of Stranger Bonds, © 2019, Alessandro Passera

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