The ghoul’s touch locks away portions of the target’s memories.

Requirement: Ghoul HD 15.

Effect: The target loses the use of one of its class features, feats, or of a single spell, for 1d4+1 rounds. The ghoul must decide if it’s going to target a feature, feat, or spell before making the attack roll. The ghoul can also actively select which feature, feat, or spell to lock away, but if the subject doesn’t have that particular ability, the attack has no effect. If the ghoul doesn’t decide a specific ability to target, then the target loses the use of one feature, feat, or spell determined at random. A spell lost this way must be randomly chosen among those of the three highest spell levels available to the target. Any feature gained at an Advancement Tier cannot be lost this way. A successful Will saving throw negates this effect.

Improved Loss

When the ghoul uses this effect, it can choose to lock away a number of class features, feats, and/or spells, in any combination, up to its Intelligence bonus with a single touch of loss. If it does, it cannot select specific abilities and has to instead pick them randomly. A single saving throw negates the whole effect.

Gain and Loss

If the target fails its saving throw against this effect, the ghoul temporarily gains the class features, feats and/or spells that were stolen. Note that class features may not work on the ghoul for several reasons; for example, a ghoul cannot make use of second judgment if it doesn’t have the ability to use a judgment, cannot benefit from the class features of a class with alignment restrictions if its alignment wouldn’t be allowed by that class, or may not have the required ability scores, proficiencies or other requirements needed to make use of them. Feats stolen this way work only if the ghoul has the requirements to take them, and do not stack with feats that the ghoul already has (for example, a ghoul cannot gain Toughness twice with this effect.) Stolen spells can be cast as spell-like abilities, using the original caster level of the creature they were taken from, but the ghoul must have the appropriate Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma score to cast them, and must provide costly material components or foci if the spell requires them.

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