The ghoul’s touch makes the subject lose its hearing.

Requirement: Ghoul HD 7.

Effect: The target is deafened for 10 minutes per Hit Die the ghoul has. A successful Fortitude saving throw negates this effect.

Improved Loss

The subject becomes permanently deafened on a failed saving throw. On a successful saving throw, the target’s hearing becomes warped and unstable for 1d4 rounds, giving it a –4 penalty to saving throws against language-dependent effects and weakness to sonic damage (+50% damage on a failed save). Creatures that use sound for directions have a 50% chance of missing a target while under this effect.

Gain and Loss

If the target fails its saving throw against this effect, the ghoul’s hearing becomes exceptionally keen. The ghoul gains blindsight in a range of 60 feet for 10 minutes.

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