The Water terrain gives the following bonuses:

Soul of the Land: the shaitan adds the favored terrain bonus to her Swim checks.

Protection of the Land: the shaitan is constantly under the effect of water breathing.

Power of the Land: when the shaitan casts a spell with the water descriptor, she adds half the favored terrain bonus to her caster level.

Ward of the Land: the shaitan is constantly under the effects of freedom of movement.

Channeled Leyline: the shaitan can transform her elemental servant in a water elemental (of the same type available for her earth elemental servitor).

Ley Assault: the following abilities become available with Ley Assault when Water terrain is selected:

Pressure Crush

The shaitan can call upon the pressure of the ocean depths to painfully compress her foes. Starting from the round in which the shaitan activates pressure crush, she can focus as a standard action on a single enemy within 30 feet. The target suffers 10 points of damage per shaitan HD, unless it can succeed in a Fortitude saving throw, which reduces the damage to 1 point of damage per shaitan HD. The shaitan can remain concentrated for up to 1 round for every 2 shaitan HD, and she cannot target more than once the same enemy with the same use of pressure crush. Alternatively, the shaitan can use pressure crush to destroy a single item or structure, including large ships. If she does, the target is destroyed without save, unless it is magically enchanted, in which case it merely gains the broken condition on a successful save. Using pressure crush consumes 3 Ley points, and requires the shaitan to be in a water terrain.

Cutting Wave

The shaitan summons a blast of water in front of her. Cutting wave deals 1d6 points of slashing damage per shaitan HD in a 20-foot long cone in front of the shaitan. Creatures with the fire subtype take instead 1d8 points of damage per shaitan HD. If cutting wave is used in a water terrain, it affects a 30-foot long cone instead, and the slashing damage overcomes all damage reduction, except for /-. Using cutting wave consumes 2 Ley points.

Water Spike

The shaitan conjures a lance of water to stab through her enemies. The shaitan must make a ranged touch attack against a target within 60 feet. If the attack is successful, water spike deals 1d6 points of piercing damage for every 2 shaitan HD to the target (maximum 5d6) plus an amount of bleed damage equal to the favored terrain bonus for water terrain. Using water spike consumes 1 Ley point.

Leyline Blessing: the following abilities become available with Leyline Blessing when Water terrain is selected for Ley Assault:

One with the Waves

The shaitan channels the fluiditiy of the waves in a touched creature. The target gains the benefits of fluid form and elemental body IV, only to transform into a water elemental. One with the waves lasts for 1 round per shaitan HD, costs 3 Ley points, and can be used only if the shaitan is in a water terrain.

Clear Water

The shaitan calls upon the essence of pure water to clear away magical effects. Clear water emulates the effects of break enchantment, adding the favored terrain bonus to the caster level check to remove curses. If clear water is used in a water terrain, it can also dispel illusions and summoned creatures within 30 feet of the shaitan, and remove abjuration effects if the shaitan so desires. Using clear water costs 2 Ley points.
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